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 Harry Potter साल One
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This is the cover art for Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone.
harry potter and the sorceror's stone
jk rowling
साल 1
great book
first in a series
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I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, but in many countries, there is a big break coming up, and I thought I would share some good vacation-type reads. So put these on hold at the पुस्तकालय now to prepare for a long period of time for relaxation and good reading.

1. His Dark Materials द्वारा Philip Pullman
(The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass)-I read this series once over a break and it is fantastic. Deep and meaningful while still a quick read. The 2nd one is my favorite.

2. Anna Karenina द्वारा Leo Tolstoy
This is probably a challenge for a lot of people, but it's one of the most...
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This is a common phrase/question that people employ when asking us booksellers for suggestions for their फ्रेंड्स and family. "Well, he/she loved so-and-so...what else is like that" In fact, that is very helpful when trying to recommend books, knowing other पुस्तकें & authors that they like.

But sometimes one can get stuck in a rut and cannot come up with a wide selection of suggestions. Let's help each other find new पुस्तकें based on पुस्तकें we already enjoy. Adult, young adult, whatever आप like!

Here are some Specific Titles that might prompt some suggestions:

-If आप liked Harry Potter, you'll...
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