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11 birthdays
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 at the वीरांगना, अमेज़न Kindle store now.
at the Amazon Kindle store now.
My fellow writer and Blujesto Press लेखक Lucretia Mars discusses her new Kindle book series, GASPERS, starting off with a trilogy that is, in may ways, too hot to publish. She and Blujesto are presenting new and innovative ways of getting his controversial work to the public.

Q: Lucretia, tell us a bit about your new Kindle ebook series, GASPERS.
A: GASPERS is a kinky, erotic novel series with a crime story subplot. या else it’s a crime series with a kinky, erotic subplot. They’re pretty well balanced.
Q: I don’t mean to pigeon-hole it, but it’s a bit like FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, with...
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When Young Adult पुस्तकें Are Banned द्वारा Jennifer Brody via FilmCourage.com.
young adult
science fiction
"I still get nightmares," begins Johnny Truant, editor of House of Leaves ("House," द्वारा the way, always colored in blue). He goes on to explain how he stumbled upon the fateful document that would consume him. How Zampanò, an old and eccentric shut-in had left his critique of the Navidson Record scribbled on loose-leaf papers, book covers, and the backs of envelopes and even stamps scattered across his room. Johnny diligently collected all of the papers and organized them into the comprehensive thesis it was meant to be. It is an elaborate and detailed explanation of a documentary that, Johnny...
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Neil Gaiman जवाब a सवाल on a Good Omens movie. During this talk at San Jose State विश्वविद्यालय
terry pratchett
neil gaiman
good omens
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