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लोकप्रिय YA लेखक Jenni Frendswith talks about the roll-out of her पुस्तकें in paperback, including the much-anticipated THIS YOUNG येशु Vol. I. She talks about the future of the series, other projects, paperback vs. ebooks and life at new house Blujesto Press.

Q: Jenni, your पुस्तकें seem to be coming out all over the place! I liked your हाल का interview for your कविता book, HAIKU FOR YOU. Is that not coming out in paperback?
A: Well, I do still have a few पुस्तकें that are Kindle exclusives at the moment. I suppose it’ll be up to Blujesto Press if they see paperback या not. They already spend so...
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Loverholic robotronic - En reportagebok om k-pop, प्रशंसकों och Sydkorea Elin Mellerstedt och Johanna Stillman Bladh द्वारा Bladh Utkommer september 2013 Beställ på: link link
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Gjenopplive en 45 år gammel bok, Bill Gates inkludert Business eventyr: tolv klassiske historier fra verden av दीवार सड़क, स्ट्रीट på hans 2014 sommeren pensum. Hans entusiasme ("Warren Buffett anbefalt denne boken til meg tilbake i 1991, og det er fortsatt मांद, डेन beste business boken jeg noensinne har lest"- og hevder det er Warren Buffett favoritt business bok, også) var smittsom. Med prodding av Gates, ut-av-print bok ble gjenutgitt som en e-bok av åpne veien, og som jeg skriver dette innlegget er det Amazon's #1 beste selger i handel og #2 i bøker.

John Brooks opprinnelig publisert fortellingene...
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*A person in the "questions" section asked if they were "too old" to read young adult novels. They wanted to know "how old is too old"? I presume that a lot of adults ponder this question, या feel ashamed of पढ़ना young adult novels instead of "adult" novels. This was my answer, and I hope it will help you, too:

I believe that any adult can share in the joy and experience of losing yourself in a good book; whether it's a young adult novel या not.
Young adult novels usually revolve around themes that attract the tween/teen ages, but this does not mean that these themes do not also attract adults,...
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Kevin McMurray
March 2009
256 pages

The True Story of a Beautiful Girl, Her Teenage Sweetheart, and the प्यार That Ended in Murder


An Innocent Girl Playing द्वारा Heart

Early one November morning, Kara Borden, a pretty fourteen साल old, was caught द्वारा her parents as she snuck into their Lancaster County, Pennsylvania home. She confessed to spending the night with eighteen-year-old David Ludwig, and her parents—evangelicals who had home-schooled their daughter—were beside themselves with anger. They summoned David to talk immediately. But David arrived to the house with another plan in mind…...
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