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I never really planned पढ़ना Hush Hush. In bookstores, I just passed द्वारा the books, seeing Hush Hush in a display. I know its about Fallen एंन्जल्स but the cover didn't buy me. I didn't study it too well...until I read it.

I borrowed the book from my classmate who's an ultimate bookworm. I started पढ़ना it since she handed it to me. I finished it just today. =)

For me, Patch was bad-ass, sense of humor, sweet and caring. I liked the way he did to Nora when they were making tacos in the रसोई, रसोईघर then she was sat up on the counter and Patch started चुंबन her jaw. Also another one especially the...
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Hi! Everyone I Made A New फैन्पॉप Club About The Series "Boys That Bite By: Mari Mancusi" And Would Totally Be Stoked If आप Can Add It Here's The फैन्पॉप Address:
It's An Awesome Book Series And If आप Like Buffy या Vampire पुस्तकें आप Would प्यार It, I'm Trying To Find प्रशंसकों That Can Add Stuff To The Club And Help Get It Started! आप Can Look Up the Series Or
Check Mari Mancusi's Myspace At: link
They Are Really Good पुस्तकें Their My प्रिय Of All Time! Here Is The Summary Of The First Book! Wrote द्वारा Mari Mancusi!


My mom is so going to kill me if she finds out I'm turning...
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4 तारा, स्टार book द्वारा Mrsbooklover
loosing it
lizzie wilcock
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