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 at the वीरांगना, अमेज़न Kindle store now.
at the Amazon Kindle store now.
My fellow writer and Blujesto Press लेखक Lucretia Mars discusses her new Kindle book series, GASPERS, starting off with a trilogy that is, in may ways, too hot to publish. She and Blujesto are presenting new and innovative ways of getting his controversial work to the public.

Q: Lucretia, tell us a bit about your new Kindle ebook series, GASPERS.
A: GASPERS is a kinky, erotic novel series with a crime story subplot. या else it’s a crime series with a kinky, erotic subplot. They’re pretty well balanced.
Q: I don’t mean to pigeon-hole it, but it’s a bit like FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, with...
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