so...first of all u go on their वीडियो and cuss at them..i have one question..why the fuck do u go to the YouTube bar and type BOTDF/JAYY VON MONROE/DAHVIE VANITY if u are just gunna cuss at them and say they're ईमो FAGGOTS..thats just immature ¬_¬..and stupid!...if u wanna cuss at them...GO TO THEIR TWITTERS AND CUSS AT THEM...don't do it behind their backs ¬_¬ idgaf if u are gunna टिप्पणी दे that i am a bitch...because u cant do anything about it...and dont say that i like BOTDF cuz they talk about.SEX and BLOWJOBS...well NO..this is a सूची of songs that AREN'T about sex:
1. bewitched
2. rise & shine
3. आप धुंधला काले रंग, डुन, डन GOOFED <33
4. u are the heart
5. death to ur heart
6. unforgiven <333
7. suicide club
8. fallen star
9. libertine
10. I'm what dreams are made of
11. Dark dreams
12. the untouchables
13. the law of love
14. प्यार conquers all
and they're not ईमो FAGGOTS..they're not even ईमो ¬_¬ u people are just jealous that they are loved..well have one thing for u...HATERS MAKE THEM FUCKING FAMOUS -_-...I प्यार THEMMMMM <3333 THEY SAVED 100000000s of lives <3333 and i am grateful <333..and i will never stop loving them..and dahvie isn't a rapist...its just that Jessi slaughter was 11 YRS OLD...she was a child and just wanted to be in center of attention..and to get famous..well she did..but she lives now in a world of shame </3 .. and she apologized :)..but apologizing doesn't make it any better...people out there still call him a fuckin rapist...but really...i don't think he even gives a fuck <333 i think that DAHVIE VANITY aka येशु DAVID TORRES...and JAYY VON MONROE aka JEREMY GRIFFIS <333 are savers...<333 and i am really thankful to them...i just want u to try listening to ONE of their songs that DOESN'T involve sex..i am not here to cuss u..really :0 even tho u do have air heads लोल JK haha..okay i am done xP c'ya :) now u may cuss me in the टिप्पणियाँ see if i give a fuck ¬_¬!