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blackpanther666 posted on Jan 18, 2012 at 12:28AM
Arc One: Aizen: The Beginning of the End

The beginning of this RP accounts for Aizen's disappearance from the Maggot's Nest and back to Hueco Mundo. Sosuke Aizen is planning to take over the Soul Society once more, by creating another Arrancar army. In reality, his goal is to steal the Ouken and use it to achieve passage into the Soul-King's dimension. Once again, the Soul Society are destined to try and stop him, lead by Captain-Commander Hitsugaya and the other 12 Captains. The appearance of a strange man, who saved a Seated officer, was to be their salvation... He was powerful, enough so to kill an Arrancar and then, later, an Espada. But, they learned that the name of his Zanpakuto was akin to that of a God.

Arc Two: Soul Society: The God's Realm.

The second is about the pseudo-shinigami, women and men with powers similar to Raijin's, where they each possess the capability of using these 'God-like' powers. Unfortunately, their existence has attracted the attention of a group of 'Radical' Gods, that believe existence of the pseudo-shinigami is unwarranted and wish to cleanse the Universe of them. The Radicals are lead by Ajisukitakahikone, Raijin's God, and the reason for his Zanpakutou's existence; Ajisukitakahikone had spent so much of his life feeling unloved by his father and brother, that he and Takemikazuchi, his other brother, decided to form a group of Gods to rebel against the other Gods.

Arc Three: Aizen: Revenge.

Aizen is planning to destroy the Soul-King's dimension and eradicate the Soul Society from existence. Only Raijin Masamune, with the help of the Gotei 13, can stop this from happening. All of their efforts are now focused on apprehending and executing Sosuke Aizen for good. With the help of each of the divisions among the Gotei 13, everyone is now underway to learn more about Aizen's activities and find information taht will conclude what his plan to enter the Soul Society is.

Filler Arc: The Kasumioji clan are being manipulated from within by a man with a powerful intellect and a major hatred of the Shinigami from the Seireitei. While this is going on, the other noble houses are protecting the existence of the Diadem, a powerful artifact, that could possess the secret of Kido and knowledge of Futo Minoriko, the first person to develop Kido. Together these two occurences will shape a new destiny for the Soul Society.

[Just to make a note, but the Third Arc will be Aizen's dramatic return... It will be called Aizen: Revenge Arc. Should be interesting. XD]


1. In a battle, there are to be no cheap shots that result in a one-hit kill.

2. No ridiculous over-powering of characters and abilities, otherwise there is no point in having a fair RP.

3. Play fair.

4. If you want to be a Visored, then you really have to spin me an exceptionally good story of how it occured and it really has to believable, otherwise I'll tell you to get naffed.

5. If you want to leave the RP for good, or you anticipate being away for a few days, try and work it into the story.

6. Follow my rules, otherwise I'll ask you to leave.

7. No trolls! I hate people who go on forums just make a nuisance of themselves. If you do that on here, I'll get rather annoyed and ask you UNKINDLY to leave.

8. If someone is going to be away for more than two days and cannot post, then we skip their turn and they get to post on their next turn. This is to make sure the forum doesn't get held up too much. We still have a fair bit of stuff to cover and I'd appreciate some good stuff coming in consistently XD. But, seriously, this will help keep the forum up and running. Cheers everyone :)

9. Listen to Whiteflame, he's the most experienced at RPing on here.

10. If you wish to join, don't just start posting on here. Ask first, then post your character onto 'New Characters for the Clan War' forum.

This is the Posting Order:




Current Shinigami Captains:

Squad One - Toshiro Hitsugaya (Captain-Commander)

-[Vice-Captain]: Vasare Buigetsu

Squad Two: Soi Fon (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Aikido Omaeda (Exorcist)

Squad Three: Kogase Sonoyuushi (Able to be replaced)

-[Vice-Captain]: Nami Tigrase

Squad Four: Isane Kotetsu (Someone may command this Captaim)

-[Vice-Captain]: Hanataro Yamada

Squad Five: Momo Hinamori (Replaceable, or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain] Anike Nimatsu

Squad Six: Azusa Kuchiki (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Corwen Heyne (Exorcist)

Squad Seven: Sajin Komamura (Replaceable or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain]: Tetsusaemon Iba

Squad Eight: Shunsui Kyoraku

-[Vice-Captain]: Nana'o Ise

Squad Nine: Tsubaki Tokugawa (Exorcist)

-[Vice-Captain]: Kazuma Uesugi (Exorcist)

Squad Ten: Rangiku Matsumoto (Replaceable or usable character)

-[Vice-Captain]: *Masabei Ikarase*

Squad Eleven: (Vacant)

-[Vice-Captain]: Kirodzuki Namase

Squad Twelve: Hideaki

-[Vice-Captain]: Ogodei

Squad Thirteen: (Vacant)

-[Vice-Captain]: Rukia Kuchiki (Temporary Squad Leader)

Surviving Espada:

Number One: Ulquiorra Schiffer

Number Two: Raiden Anteras

Number Three: Coyote Starrk

Number Four: Grimmjow Jaegerjacques

Number Five: Aguantar Espina

Number Six: Idoya Onda

Number Seven: Nero Lanca

Number Eight: Cyrus Sataros

Number Nine: *Vacant* (Anyone?)

Number Ten: Cloud Sparrk

Rogue Squad:

Commander: Raijin Masamune (Me)

Vice-Commander: Isamu Sato(Kevy)

Kido/Combat Specialist: Renee Chevalier (Whiteflame)

Combat Specialist: Mishiranu Rikou (Wantadog)

Kido/Combat Specialist: Bukimi Nikushimi (Wantadog?)

Medical/Kido Specialist: Toku Mujaki (Wantadog)

Combat Specialist: Johan Pesaro (Exorcist)

Kido Specialist: Cadence (Whiteflame)

Combat Specialist: Kowareta (Wantadog?)

I think this should do, that way we can keep track of who's who and whether they are alive or dead. If I haven't included a character and you know which one, please message and me tell me so I can update it to here.

We are now in the depths of re-visiting Sosuke Aizen and his deviant slaves - the Arrancars, Espada and Hollows. From this point, until the filler, the forum will be completely focused on the fighting between the Soul Society's Gotei 13 and Aizen and his Arrancars.
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना whiteflame55 said…
Alright guys, I've sat here staring at an empty document for long enough to realize that I'm having issues writing for Clan Wars this week. Essentially, just skip me, and when you guys come around again I'll figure something out. Not my week apparently.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
@Whiteflame. No problem, dude. Just take your time and let the Writer's Block pass by - I think we are in that period of slowness for the forum anyway and there isn't any rush to get anything done, so we can just idle by until everything starts coming together.

Anyway, I believe that makes it Wantadog's post. XD.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
@Everyone. For the time being, I am postponing the Posting Order, as we are going through a slow patch, where everyone is quite busy, or is having trouble deciding what to do. Basically, anyone can post whenever they feel like doing so.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wantadog said…
[*Insert unnecessarily long title here*]
(Storyline post)

Toku: “Man this is tough…hey you! You got any cool plans?”

Viracocha groaned. This soul reaper wasn’t taking this seriously. He possessed Loki’s power and seemed to have roughly the same personality. He would jest at every chance he got. The only difference he could really see in them is that the soul reaper still cared for other lives. Before he could think more, Odin attacked. He narrowly dodged a strike from Odin and responded with a strike of his own. Odin blocked the strike with the top end of his staff. Viracocha swung down with unbelievable force with his other rod. Odin saw the attack coming and twisted in a circle, knocking the first rod away, and blocking the strike from the other one with his staff. He saw something out of the corner of his eye and jumped back as a volley of green arrows sailed by. He turned to the Pseudo-Shinigami and tilted his head. He posed no threat, but the constant attacks were starting to get old. Viracocha noticed the look in his eyes and quickly tried to warn the soul reaper.

Viracocha: “Loki! Watch out!” he was too late as Odin, in an instant, was in front of Toku. Odin swung his staff at him, and Toku grinned. The red bow at his hip suddenly fired an arrow, it landed in the ground at his feet. Odin saw it and growled, he stopped his attack just as thousands of arrows shot out of the ground. Odin destroyed each one that came near him with ease.

Odin: “Is that all you can come up with? More tricks? Tch, you’re not worth anymore time. He nimbly dodged a strike from Viracocha and kicked him away. He then chanted a spell and several black tendrils rose around Toku and formed a cage. “Stay there until I’m ready for you, that is, if you can survive it’s affects.” As he said it, a black magic circle appeared around Toku. Toku grunted and tried firing an arrow to break the cage, but to no avail.

Toku: “W-what the? Not this again…”

Loki: You have horrible reaction time…just go ahead and let him trap you, will ya?

Toku: Shut up…I’m sure I’ll think of something. There might be a kido that can help…

Loki: *Thinks* There is, but you don’t know the incantation…

Viracocha growled and focused on Odin. Odin blocked his attacks and they fought evenly for a time, Viracocha was worried about how long Toku could last like that. With the black magic circle, it can’t be very long before all of his life force is sucked out. He had to find a way to free him before that happened. Viracocha increased his force drastically, knocking Odin back a bit. Viracocha quickly chanted and the runes on his left rod glowed. He swung the rod and what seemed to be a roaring inferno flew straight at Odin. The attack hit Odin straight on, engulfing him in an overpowering maelstrom of fire. Viracocha took the opportunity to go to Toku. He slammed his left rod into the cage, there was a blast of reiatsu, but the cage didn’t break. Before he could try again, Odin emerged from the fire, seemingly unharmed. He attacked Viracocha, pushing him back.

Toku: “All right…here we go…”

Loki: If this works, I will be disappointed in Odin.

Toku: “Shush.” Toku raised one finger and quickly chanted an incantation. “Hado 120, Tenka!” As he said it, he touched the cage with his finger. The entire area inside the cage exploded, but the cage didn’t break. Toku could be seen laying on the ground, occasionally twitching. “Ow…”

Loki: “What a shock, it didn’t work.”


The other Pseudo-Shinigami continued following Shiva’s directions. Shiva’s directions had led them deep into the forest, there were fights all around them.

Johan: “Listen, your god, you said it was Shiva, right? You know, Shiva, the god of justice, destroyer of evil, that Shiva?”

Mishiranu: “Ya, that Shiva. Why do you ask?”

Johan: “Just wondering why she decided to help us.”

Mishiranu: “You’d be surprised how many times she has sided with humanity over the gods. She is helping us because, and I quote, we fight for our own idea of justice.”

Shiva: The radicals have forgotten how much of an advantage that gives you. This is where you remind them. You guys are in the perfect position now to ambush those fools, while they're distracted with their fights.

Mishiranu grinned, an act that made the others look at her curiously.

Cadence: “you okay?”

Mishiranu: “I’m fine.” *In her mind* So why not join the battle yourself? Wouldn’t that make more sense?

Shiva: I’m the destroyer of evil, not the destroyer of petty infants incapable of playing nice. That would be far too long of a title. This is as much assistance as you will get, Mishiranu, and once this is over…

Mishiranu: I know…trust me, I know.

Mishiranu explained the plan to the other Pseudo-Shinigami. They would split into three groups to attack the radicals.

Kowareta: “You make it sound really simple.”

Bluebell: “That’s because it is simple.”

Kowareta: “Oh, yeah, really simple, even though last time we tangled with them we got the crap beat out of us…”

Mishiranu: “This time is different, we have other gods fighting alongside us.”

Kowareta: “Ya…gods want to kill us, so you decide to team up with more gods, what makes you think they don’t just want the power for themselves?”

Johan: “We don’t, but like you said, last time we tried fighting on our own, we got the crap beat out of us, you wanna go trying that again?”

Kowareta grunted, but didn’t say anything.

Lushi: “So now what? Who attacks who?”

Mishiranu: *Smiles evilly.* “Glad you asked, okay, this is what we’re gonna do.”

END (Cliffhanger XD) (I'll post the kido that Loki was talking about sometime tomorrow on the new characters forum.....)
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
[Conclusion! Ajisukitakahikone Downsized/Odin's Final Decision/Raijin Meets The Others]

(Raijin and Shenlong regarded one another for a time, Raijin's eyes lit up as he realised something.)

Raijin: You know, he'll outlast us both... You forgot one thing, God of Lightning and Storms, he is also a being that commands chaotic energy - there is enough evidence to prove he'll last just as long as us and possibly longer.

Shenlong: What's that you say?

Raijin: You just said that we are beings of lightning and command chaotic energy, so there is no chance of us burning out... Doesn't that same principle apply to him, too?

Shenlong: I see. I don't believe that he could possibly outlast us - he is burning through tremendous amounts of energy, while we're conserving as much as possible.

Raijin: Somehow I don't think that'll make a difference... He can manipulate lightning energy directly. You cannot do that, you simply create bolts of lightning and claps of thunder, by using your abilities... He directly manipulates the energy within lightning, which I call lightning energy, and can shift/transport as much energy as he likes. He could even use your own attacks against you. I'm surprised that he hasn't done so already.

Shenlong: I disagree. My attacks are the same as his - he can simply shift larger amounts than I can, that is the only advantage he has against me.

Raijin: No. He has another... He can become lightning, you simply shift it, you say? That won't give us anything to hold against him. Get ready, he is coming again and this time he'll seek to destroy us for good. There will no more words.

(Ajisukitakahikone appeared, his wounds starting to heal and his face wore a look of determination and anger. He began to change forms again, turning into the thunder wolf with a massive crackle of lightning. This time, however, he appeared to be different - it was as though he had become lightning itself. The thunderwolf roared, and thunder boomed around them, sending a massive shockwave rippling through the area. Even the other Gods had stopped fighting and looked on in shock, as Ajisukitakahikone gathered more and more chaotic energy around him in a gigantic flare. The ground began to crack under the strain and pieces of earth were thrown up with the energy. Shenlong regarded Raijin with a look of intrigue, appearing to understand what Raijin had been talking of. Raijin sighed and shunpoed in front of the thunderwolf, who roared again and another shockwave rippled through the area. Raijin misjudged the severity of the attack and was flung backwards, smashing into Shenlong's massive dragon flanks. They waited for the energy to stop pulsating at such a velocity, then took their position again, eyes narrowed with determination. Ajisukitakahikone's energy was still flaring wildly and a massive ball of lightning energy and shocking bolts loomed above them, crackling with anticipation. Raijin realised what it was suddenly, it was as though Kaminari was there with them - he allowed Raijin the mental capacity of a God, one aligned directly with thunder and lightning, as well as the understanding of all of the attacks and different formations of cloud and lightning.)

Raijin: This is bad. Once he adds his own energy to the center of that ball, we will be doomed.

Shenlong: How did you know that?

Raijin: Because... Kaminari understands what is going on - he knows his own brother, even if they don't get along.

Shenlong: And you communicate with him directly?

Raijin: Exactly! We have one chance available to us and that is to detonate that ball. The problem is, we need to keep him as close to it as possible, otherwise there is a chance that everyone in the vicinity will die, aside from him.

Shenlong: It sounds crazy to me, boy. However, I will not discount Kaminari's advice... He is not a God to discount so easily. We will carry out this plan. I will distract him while you add your own energy to that ball. Let's just hope that this works.

Raijin: It will. Kaminari says so himself. (Raijin halts, hearing Kaminari's words echoing in his head and tries to ignore them)

(Inner monologue: Raijin, if you two stay close to the blast, you'll die. Even Shenlong can't withstand a blast that great. I have no proper advice to give you, other than, stay as far away from the trajectory of that blast as possible. Tell Shenlong this information, too.)

Raijin: Shenlong... We have a problem... If we get caught in the blast, we're history.

Shenlong: I will sacrifice myself, if need be. He needs to be taught a lesson. (Shenlong disappears, intending to face off against Ajisukitakahikone)

(Raijin shunpoed to the opposite side of the area, taking note of the the size of the thunder ball and how close Shenlong was to the blast. Raijin began to sink his energy into the ball, which crackled audiously and lightning bolts rebounded from the ball, exploding when they hit the ground. Raijin continued this sequence, using all of his energy to power the ball up. Raijin decided on a plan, one that would keep Shenlong from sacrificing himself needlessly and would still keep Ajisukitakahikone in place, so that he would take the brunt of the blast. Raijin appeared next to them, and enclosed the thunderwolf in a cage made from lightning bonds. Raijin and Shenlong made their escape and then both used all of their energy into one massive blast of lightning. The blast hit the ball, at the same time that A-kone escaped the cage. It exploded so vehemently that they were both flung backwards and swept away, like if they had been in a massive flood. The other Gods were swept away too, along with the pseudo-shinigami. When Raijin came to, he noticed that they were all staring at an area that had been completely wiped away - not only that, but A-kone's energy had completely vanished. The others, Themis, Pele, Ma'at, Viracocha and Shenlong were all facing Odin and Kronos, who were both looking shocked at the demise of their leader. Anubis was nowhere to be seen.)

Kronos: Don't give up now, Odin.

Odin: Give up? I don't see any reason to continue fighting... It seems that everything has been settled.

Kronos: Settled??!! Bullshit! Nothing has been settled, are you going to prove a coward now, Odin?

Odin: Coward? Don't be a fool. We're outmatched, and you know it. I'm going to surrender, but you can play it however you like, Kronos, just don't expect me to be such a fool like you.

Kronos: THEN YOU SHALL BE RENOUNCED AS A COWARD FOREVER!!! DIE, ALL OF YOU!!! (Kronos let off a massive collaborative blast of distortion beams, that each threatened to do major damage to everyone in their vicinity)

Odin: I won't stand by and watch this take place... I was never a part of the Radicals to take lives, merely because I agreed with their ideals. (Odin took the distortion beams into his own body and they distorted his existence and he fell to the ground, mortally injured.)

(Kronos looked on in shock and was knocked aside by Shenlong and Raijin, who sought to destroy him completely. Raijin and Shenlong sychronised their attack, which cut through Kronos like a knife, sending his body careening off into the distance.)

Shenlong: It's over... We better clear out of this area, before we cause anymore disturbance... It seems like the atmosphere has been affected by all of the energy we have been putting off. Did all of the pseudo-shinigami escape the blast?

Mishiranu: I believe everyone is accounted for. Hey, what happened to that dude, Ares? Weren't Isamu and Renee fighting him... In fact, no, I haven't seen those two either.

Raijin: We'll go find them, then. If there is another God left over, then we better take care of him, too. No sense in leaving him alive, otherwise he'll just cause trouble again.

Mishiranu: And you are?

Raijin: What does it matter, now? Hurry up! (Raijin shunpos away, leaving a baffled looking Mishiranu behind. She finally is roused out of her bafflement and follows suit, hoping that Isamu and Renee aren't injured)

(Raijin felt their reiatsu and discovered their presence amongst a huge amount of rubble and debris. Raijin began to pull the male pseudo-shinigami out of the rubble and suceeded in time to see Mishiranu emerge with Renee.)

Renee: Thanks, guys. Hey, is that Raijin?

Raijin: Ex-Captain Chevalier... It's been a while.

Mishiranu: You know this guy, Renee?

Renee: Raijin Masamune, Rogue Shinigami. He was a part of the Soul Society's mission to Hueco Mundo. During that time he defeated several high-level opponents, but lost his mind and the Soul Society decided to exile him before we were exiled.

Isamu: I think I remember... He was there the same time that we were, at least, until he was sent away by Captain-Commander Hitsugaya and never returned.

Raijin: I'm right here, you know. Anyway, we have to get back, otherwise we may be caught in the degrading environment. Let's go.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
For some reason my post isn't showing up and it was difficult to actually post it, as well. Anyone else finding Fanpop weird today?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wantadog said…
Mine is also being weird. Cool post!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना gaiaking235 said…
Awesome Post Dude!! Gonna get started on my next one sumtime 2moro.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
Heh, thanks guys. And, yeah, Wanta, I know right... Sounds good, Gaia, can't wait to read. We'll start the preparations for the filler Arc over the next few days, just to let everyone know. XD
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना frosttakahashi said…
I shall be introducing 3 new characters along with Kenshi's new profile sometime tomorrow or the next day, depends on hoe=w much homework I have. =3=
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
big smile
@Frost, okay dude. Sounds good to me... Are they going to be Schola by any chance?
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना frosttakahashi said…
Different, One will be a reborn Schola from the newly found kingdom, one will be spawned from Zed and be of the Tenibris, and one will be a half breed like Kenshi,
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
Alrighty, sounds cool man. I'll be looking forward to seeing these characters. XD
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wantadog said…
Wantadog's brain: "Do a skit."

Wantadog: "NO!"

Wantadog's lungs: "Why not?"

Wantadog: "I'm busy, I don't have time for dillydallying!"

BP: "Who uses the word dillydallying anymore?"

Whiteflame: "Everyone."

BP: "I doubt that."

Exorcist: "Can you guys quit dillydallying and get to the punch line?"

Wantadog: "Speaking of which, where was I going with this skit?"

Gaia: "you were going to portray me as a super heroic genius, right?"

Wantadog: "Like Artemis Fowl?"

Gaia: "He's a villain..."

BP: "Actually he's an anti-hero"

Whiteflame: "But he started as a villain so wouldn't that make him an anti-villain?"

Wantadog: "Does it make a difference?"

Gaia: "I wanted to be the super heroic genius..."

Wantadog: "That's your option, take it or leave it."

Gaia: "Fine....

Wantadog: "Phew, now that that is over, where were we brain?"

Wantadog's brain: "Do a skit."

Wantadog: "Ah, no....."

BP: *Whispers to Whiteflame* "Isn't he doing one right now?"

Whiteflame: *Whispers back* "He often argues just for the sake of arguing...."

Frost: "that's weird...and why do I ever only get mentioned once!?"

Wantadog: "........"

BP: "......."

Whiteflame: "......"

Gaia: "......."

Exorcist: "Did anyone just see a moonwalking bear?"
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना frosttakahashi said…
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wantadog said…
big smile
don't ya just hate awkward silences? XD
 don't ya just hate awkward silences? XD
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
Lol, yes... Nice picture. XDDDDDDD
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
I think we should focus on writing any posts that will clarify the stuff that happens between now and the filler Arc... Also, we can focus on what we want to do during it. I'll let everyone decide what they want to do personally and we can all work towards an interesting filler.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wantadog said…
Awesome. Whoever happens to post next. Don't use Toku, I have....plans....for him xD
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
Okay, dude. I won't be posting until everyone lets me know what they are doing and all that. I don't really have much to write anyway, maybe a quick post about Raijin sometime, but that's it until I post the fight between Masahi and Ciela. XD

(Actually, I have plans to get the pseudo-shinigami back to the Soul Society and I'll write a post on it)
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना gaiaking235 said…
okie doke ill probably inbox u later with my plans
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
@Gaia. Alrighty then, dude. Sounds good to me. XD
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
[Raijin's Loneliness! Cry of the Soul/The Unfortunate Revelation/Return to the Soul Society]

(Inner monologue: Raijin... You did it! You finally allowed my brother the mercy of death... You revenged the death of Take... I knew you could do it! I need you to do something for me. I need you to give the leader of the pseudo-shinigami a message from me. Tell him that their powers will slowly diminish... Everyone has decided that it is too dangerous to allow them these powers. Over the next few weeks, their powers and Manifestation will disappear, leaving them only with their normal Shinigami powers. Tell them I'm sorry. We have discussed this with the God forms of their counterparts, too, and they each decided that it was better to leave their pseudo-shinigami behind and resume a normal life. Following Ajisukitakahikone's rebellion, they have realised that it is better if we all try to repair the damage that was done and allow a better communication between the Gods. We have realised that Gods cannot fight - it is far too destructive for this world; if we work on our relations, as Gods, then we can hope to repair this rift one day. Thank you, Raijin. You really came through for me. I know you are wondering about your powers, but I'm afraid that our bond is much more than what it was with you and my brother... We are bonded for life - if I leave you now, you will die. I'm sorry, but it was the only way. Oh and tell your friend that Shishira will never leave him, they have a far too close bond and they are not dangerous to leave like that. Gaishima Shiretsu is an intelligent man - he won't ever cause any trouble. Unfortunately, we don't know the other pseudo-shinigami well enough - we cannot allow them to roam freely with such power. I know you and your friend will value this power and never cause any trouble with it that you can't fix. If you do so, then you will be executed by the Gods - that is the downside of being allowed this power, both of you, you must follow our rules, or the Council of the Gods will decree that you are executed by having your powers detained. I apologise, Raijin.)

-The only way? Don't apologise for giving me the opportunity to defeat Him... Don't apologise for allowing me a strength to protect the Soul Society... Don't apologise for caring, as I know you do, Kaminari. You saved me. You allowed me to do something extraordinary and I cannot hold anything against you for that. I appreciate your candor-

(Raijin left the sunny spot and ambled back towards his temporary home with Gaishima and the other pseudo-shinigami. In truth, Raijin had been lonely, as of late and missed the fun times that he had in the Soul Society. He missed Renji and the other Captains. He took solace in the fact that he still had Gaishima and Renee to talk to - the others were too different and unknwon to him, he simply couldn't talk to these people, the ones he did not know. It was going to be hard to tell this to Isamu, the leader of these pseudo-shinigami. There was another problem, too, the pseudo-shinigami had been to the Soul Society to retrieve their injured friend, who had been healed by Captain Kotetsu, but they had not mentioned anything about the pseudo-shinigami returning to the Soul Society. Whatever happened, Raijin would at least go and talk to Toshiro and try to talk him into allowing them back there. It was only right, after all.)

Isamu: Raijin, you wanted to see me?

Raijin: (He looks towards Isamu, an embarrassed look on his face) I don't know how to tell you this, though I imagine your God has already said something. I was asked by Kaminari to tell you, in particular, this information. They said that your powers will slowly disappear... That you will no longer be able to use Manifestation. It has been ruled by the Council of the Gods that it is simply too dangerous to allow you them.

Isamu: I know... Gong Gong already told me about this... It is sad to hear, but a necessary evil, I'm afraid. The problem is, the others seem to be annoyed and confused about it - Issac and Renee in particular. They were quite reliant on their powers and had developed somewhat of a bond with their Gods.

Raijin: I know about Renee... I still talk to her and I have been helping her to understand how this will benefit all sides.

Isamu: That is good. Well, Raijin, how are you accepting this decision?

Raijin: Me? I'm afraid I don't get off that easily... Kaminari and I, well, he told me that he cannot take the powers away from me - if he does, I die. If I abuse the powers, I die. In other words, I have an obligation to the Gods. The saddest part is, I don't hold it against him and, as long as I can defeat Aizen with these powers, then I will be content to never use them again.

Isamu: I'm sorry... Everyone else would kill to still have their powers, but it is a burden, not a blessing, though I doubt they would understand that. I won't say anything.

Raijin: Thank you. Isamu... I'm going back to the Soul Society. I hope that Toshiro will allow us to return there, in peace.

Isamu: He said nothing to us when we took Bukimi back... Don't be too optimistic, Raijin. Toshiro is still afraid that we will cause him trouble, I think.

Raijin: Then, I'll tell him about what the Gods said... I'll let him know that everything will be safe again. I have a plan in mind for all of you. I've been so lonely... It was nice to see that you understand me, Isamu. I'm going to appeal to him that I Captain a 'Rogue Squad', one that will allow us all a place in the Soul Society.

Isamu: Then I hope you are successful... Perhaps I shall come with you... I can leave Mishiranu in charge here - I'm sure she'll be fine until we return.

Raijin: Thanks. This is kinda nerve-racking, if you know what I mean.

Isamu: Yeah. I'll be back in a minute, then we can go. (Isamu leaves to go and find Mishiranu. He is gone a couple of minutes, then returns) We can go now...

Raijin: Then let's do it! (Both shunpo away)

-Soul Society-

(Both Raijin and Isamu were waiting at the western Gate, where a fierce looking man was guarding it from the outside. The gatekeeper was refusing to let them in.)

Gatekeeper: If you want in, then you best defeat me...

Raijin: I have no intention of becoming a Ryoka, fool. Just go and get Head Captain Hitsugaya, or one of the Captains... They'll vouch for me.

Gatekeeper: Whatever. I'll send a Hell Butterfly to them and they can decide when they get here. (The gatekeeper sends a Hell Butterfly off into the Seireitei)

(Raijin and Isamu waited for a few minutes, until finally the gatekeeper opened the gates. When they were fully opened, a young lady strode outwards, with a proud amble.)

????: Who are they?

Raijin: What squad are you Captain of?

????: Rude boy! You shall address me as 'Captain'... I proudly Captain Squad Six, the Squad that my family has Captained for many years in the past.

Raijin: So, you replaced Renji, then?

????: He was unfortunate to have died and brought shame to his squad. A low-life like Abarai was not good enough to Captain my proud squad.

Raijin: (A vein popping in his head, but Isamu grabs his shoulder and shakes his head. Raijin sighs and continues speaking) We want to see the Captain-Commander...

Captain of Squad six: He doesn't see just anyone. What makes you think he'll see riff-raff like- (Is cut off by a familiar reiatsu)

(Toshiro Hitsugaya strode through the gate. He was wearing a look of surprise on his face and seemed like he was unsure why they were there.)

Toshiro: Raijin Masamune! I though I recognised your reiatsu. What are you doing here?

Raijin: Toshiro... You really let these people down, you know. I came to ask you to allow us back here. The Gods have stopped squabbling, and the 'pseudo-shinigami' can no longer retain their power, as decreed by the Gods. We helped you by leaving the Soul Society... I think it is only fair that you allow us back here. And, besides, I haven't settled my score with Aizen, who attack you again, no doubt.

Toshiro: (Looking embarrassed) You're right... I exploited you people. I had no choice. It was either exile them, or allow for the possibility of the destruction of the Soul Society - I couldn't let that happen, we have already faced so many obstacles, but nothing like what you and those pseudo-shinigami have been through. Yes, you may come back to the Soul Society - it is the least I can do for you all.

Isamu: Thank you. I will return with them.

Raijin: Be safe, Isamu.

Captain of Squad Six: What's going on, sir?

Toshiro: Be quiet, Azusa. I don't have the time to explain to you now - if you need to know so badly, go and ask Sajin, or Momo to explain. I have something I have to discuss with Raijin.

Asuza: As you wish, sir. (She leaves, an indignant look on her face)

(Raijin and toshiro walked through the gate, which closed behind them. They walked for a while, until they reached Squad One barracks. As they walked up the stairs, Toshiro glanced at him, a worried look on his face.)

Toshiro: Do they hate me?

Raijin: I cannot say... I don't really know any of them very well, even Renee. However, I cannot imagine they'll instantly forgive you - that will take time and effort on your part, Head Captain. Renee will forgive you - I know she will, but you better apologise profusely.

Toshiro: You're right. Either way, no point in dwelling on it. This is to a new chapter in Soul Society history.

(They reached his office, where Vasare Buigetsu was waiting for his Commander. The Vice-Captain of Squad One nodded to him, a grin on his face; then, all three walked into Toshiro's office and they all sat down.)

Vasare: Hey, Raijin.

Raijin: Great to see you again, Vasare.

Toshiro: Anyway, to business. I think I know what's on your mind. You want to know what will happen to them, and you, don't you? Well, you must have a request for me. I realise that they won't simply he able to simply phase back into the squads they were in.

Raijin: Exactly. I want you to allow me to form a special squad. The Rogue Squad. Everyone has called me the Rogue Shinigami before, so this seems to be the perfect name for a new squad, one with former pseudo-shinigami members in it. We have a healing expert, a stealth expert, a hand-to-hand fighting expert and other members with amazing powers. Of course, I would ask that you allow me to Captain this new squad, with Isamu as my Vice-Captain. What do you say?

Toshiro: Yes. It is the best thing for them, and for you. We'll begin arrangements as soon as possible. Until then, I suggest we have a cup of tea.

Raijin: Tea? Well, fine then.

-This went better than expected!-
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Awesome post.
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
Heh, thanks dude. I gather you still have plans for Toku? I kinda left him out of that post, just so you can whatever you plan to do with you. XD
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wantadog said…
Yup XD This is gonna be his-

Toku: "My what?"

Wantadog: *Anime sweatdrop* "Oh...Toku....you're here."

Toku: "Duh, you wrote me in."

*4th wall breaks*

BP: "Has anyone seen my pencil?"

Whiteflame: "I love it when that happens."

Toku: "So what were you saying?"

Wantadog: "Uh...this...this is going to be....your uh...BEST POST EVER!"

Toku: "YAY!" *Runs off*

Wantadog: "Phew....that's good."

Mishiranu: "Wantadog..."

Wantadog: "Ya?"

Mishiranu: "I must say, I am reading what you have wrote so far, but it seems very unrealistic. I mean, the way you portrayed me is horrendous."

Wantadog: "Quiet fool! I made valid points in this post!"

Mishiranu: "But you're completely ignoring every other character..."

Wantadog: "I have other things to do!"

Mishiranu: "Like what?"

Wantadog: "Like exiting Toku from..."

Toku: "From what?"

Wantadog: *Anime sweatdrop* "Damn...."
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
Oh, I believe you just gave me ammo, Wantadog... Probably not the best of ideas. XD

Toku: What did ya say?

Wantadog: (Sweatdrops) Er, nothing...

Toku: You don't sound very convincing... (Eyes narrow)

Bp: Ya, he's right... You don't sound very convincing at all.

Wantadog: Shut up, fool! I'll write you outta this- Oh, crap...

Bp: Ya, my post. So, how shall I torture you today?

Wantadog: Kill Toku for me?

Bp: Nah... I'll definitely let him live. That should torture you enough.

Wantadog: Bp, you bastard!

Bp: Moi? I think not. I am a kind, gentle, loving person, with fierce intelligence... Blah, blah, blah.

Wantadog: What's that over there? (Points behind Bp)

Bp: Huh? (Turns around)

*4th wall breaks again*

Wantadog: Haha haha.

Bp: Damn you, I can't seem to find...

Wantadog: Your fingers?

Bp: I can't type... mdjbdjndlsfdjnjdbjndlkfnfbvkjsnhbfkdnkjbvj­dnk­sbc­khj­ndj­bvj­dns­jbv­jfb­jvn­dsl­nvk­jfn­vjb­skj­nkj­dsb­vdk­jnv­kjd­bsn­jvb­jdb­skj­vbf­jln­vkl­snl­jbf­slj­njf­bfv­jsb­jlb­fsj­lfl­jbl­jsb­ljf­bjl­sbj­lfj­ldb­slj­fjf­jlb­vfj­lbf­djl­bvj­lbf­ljf­blj­dbj­lfd­bvl­jfb­ljv­fbf­jlb­vjl­fbf­jlb­flj­vbv­fjl­bfj­lvj­lbf­jlb­vjf­lbl­jfb­vjl­bfk­lsn­sll­d;p­ewj­ori­hjn­ckp­owk­jqi­fod­bfj­ejw­snd­ejb­nve­fjn­ojw­nei­ubn­iej­bei­dkj­nvk­jfn­ekl­nvj­uen­one­vne­jnr­f

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(I got bored so I'll just post my Toku post now....)

[Gaia’s Offer and Mishiranu‘s Resolve! The End of Toku?]
(Storyline post)

Mishiranu smiled. She had long since left Bluebell in charge of keeping everyone in check. Sounds of Kowareta screaming in anger could be heard. Even though she smiled at the sound, inside, she was anything but happy. Shiva had told her long before this war even began that she would lose her powers. She and Shiva had been together for so long, it seemed surreal. She just couldn’t wrap her head around it. No more small joke attempts from Shiva. No more heartwarming speeches. No more Manifestation or god-level battles. Just her, and her mind. Albeit, she did still have her Zanpakuto. She cradled the sword in her arms, as if scared that it would abandon her too. “Why?…this is cruel.”

???: “It is cruel.”

Mishiranu jumped at the voice behind her. She spun around, drawing her blade, but a trident was already at her throat.

Shiva: “Still can’t fight, I see. Hello Mishiranu.”

Mishiranu: “S-S-Shiva! What are you doing here?” She was too shocked. Shiva had only revealed herself in person to Mishiranu a couple of times. Even though Shiva was technically a man, she preferred the woman form more when speaking to Mishiranu. Mishiranu looked at her. This was Shiva, the most powerful Hindu god in existence, and her friend and partner for close to 500 years.

Shiva: “No need to be so shocked. This is my home after all.” She sat down, cross-legged and stared at Mishiranu, who sat down opposite her. “So then, you seem to be having trouble adjusting.”

Mishiranu: “For 500 years, all I knew was having you there, guiding me, pushing me to be stronger, pointing me in the right direction…without it…I’m…I’m scared.”

Shiva: “You’re scared, and right to be. The world is a scary place, life is a scary thing, and you have survived by relying on my power for so long, you are no longer sure of your own. Anyone would be scared. In fact, you are handling it quite well.”

Mishiranu: “Shiva…what do I do? Even returning to Soul Society is unnerving. After all…I abandoned THEM, not the other way around like it is for the others. They won‘t take me back. I didn‘t even return when Captain Hirako was being arrested! Or…or for his funeral.”

Shiva: “I can’t tell you what to do. You need to learn to take care of yourself. It’s not like I won’t be watching. All of you seem to forget. Your Zanpakuto haven’t changed, and they are still with you. Not to mention that they are pretty much, us! We aren’t with you in power, but we will always be watching, maybe nudge you in the right direction every once in awhile.”

Mishiranu looked at Shiva, she now realized why she was known as one of the most powerful gods. She not only had the strength to match even Odin in combat, but she was wise, kind, slightly heroic, and her friend. Tears welled up in her eyes and she launched herself at the god, embracing her, now crying openly. Shiva’s eyes widened for a minute, then she smiled and wrapped her arms around Mishiranu. Despite all of her wisdom and experience, Mishiranu was still only a human, which was the real reason this battle was started. Humans, though weak in power, had all the things that the gods didn’t.

Shiva held the woman until she could cry no more and looked her in the eyes. “Now, listen here, Mishiranu! I don’t want any more of this! I understand that you feel lost, but you know better than to tear up over an obstacle!”

Mishiranu wiped her eyes, and smiled. “You’re right, I know better. This is nothing, I’ve battled gods! I can handle this!”

Shiva: *Grins* “Damn straight!”

Mishiranu: “I’ll miss you, Shiva.”

Shiva: “I’ll miss you too, now go, before Raijin realizes that you aren’t doing your work.”


Toku closed his eyes. This was peaceful. It seemed odd that this place had only just recently been a place in which he had been fighting for his life. Yet, even though it had seemed so desolate and empty during the war, it was full of life now. Toku lost track of how many gods and demigods had struck up conversations with him. It was amazing. They spoke to him like an equal even. He had even met this really weird god named Vishnu. They chatted for a whole hour about the inns’ and out’s of idealism and war. After Toku left, it took him only a few minutes to realize that he had no idea where he was. He considered asking a god for help, but decided that they’d come for him eventually. Toku laid down in the grass and closed his eyes for a nap.

“Oh? Didn’t expect to see you here.”

Toku’s eyes shot open and he looked at the person who spoke. It was none other than Gaia, the woman who had helped save Bukimi. She was smiling at him. The smile made Toku’s cheeks flush and he averted his eyes. “Hello. Nice to see you, Gaia.”

Gaia: “Nice to see you too, Toku. So what are you doing here? You lost?”

Toku: “Ya, but I’m not worried about it.”

Gaia: *Sits down beside him* “Nothing ever seems to worry you, does it? Or is it that you just don‘t let it show?”

Toku didn’t answer.

Gaia sighed. “I know, Toku. Odin’s Black Magic Circle drained nearly all of your lifeforce. If it wasn’t for Loki’s power still being inside you, you would already be dead, and that power won’t be there anymore. A week at most.”

Toku smiled at her. “Don’t get so hung up on that. The way I see it, I have a week to help as much as I can. There’s a lot a Kido master can do in a week.”

Gaia smiled. She had to hand it to him. He really didn’t let these things get to him. “So then, you want me to take you back over to the others?”

Toku: “Hmm…ya I guess that’d be best. So what was it you needed me for? You don’t expect me to believe you ran into me by accident, do you?”

Gaia nodded. “I do have something to talk to you about, a request, if you will.”

Toku: “Request?”

Gaia: “You’re dying. That won’t change. Not with any Kido. I can offer you an alternative.”

Toku: “Stop beating around the bush. What is the alternative?”

Gaia: “How do you feel about becoming a god?”

Toku: “A god?”

Gaia: “Well…for lack of a better term. This wasn’t the first time gods and humans have fought and it won’t be the last. Raijin still has his powers, but he has a gung ho attitude that’s unsuited for this. The gods have forgotten their place for the last time. I refuse to allow it!”

Toku: “and what do you want me to do?”

Gaia: “I want you to become a demigod permanently, you won't have any powers like you do now, but you wouldn't be dying anymore, and it would show that god‘s can live among humans, and vice versa.”

Toku: “Sorry, but no. Find someone else.”

Gaia: "Why not? you would be able to stay with your friends."

Toku: "I would be eternal or whatever, right?"

Gaia: "Unless someone kills you, yes."

Toku: "Then no. I don't want to outlast my friends. that's a fate worse than death.

Gaia: “Do you remember when you died?”

Toku: “Kinda hard to forget stuff like that.”

Gaia: “Remember the girl you saved? Did you know she was a demigod?”

Toku’s eyes widened. “A…a demigod? That’s not possible. She wouldn’t have needed my help.”

Gaia: “She hadn’t awakened to her powers at that time. But your death allowed her to and she saved thousands of lives in her lifetime.”

Toku: “Why are you telling me this?”

Gaia: “To prove that I can’t just “find someone else” it has to be you.”

Toku angrily glared at her. “I said no and that’s final! You’re just gonna have to make due with Raijin being the only demigod, got that?”

Gaia sighed. “Worth a try. Come on, then. I’ll take you back.”

(Five minutes later.)

Isaac: “Hey! Toku! How ya doing?”

Toku: “Oh, I’m fine. Just a bit tired, is all.”

Gaia watched them from above as Toku made small talk. She barely acknowledged as Dionysus appeared beside her.

Dionysus: “Hey there.”

Gaia: “To the point.”

Dionysus: “Sheesh…touchy. Well, ok then, why are you so focused on him? He’s not exactly special, just stubborn.”

Gaia: “Not sure, I just think it’s wrong for him to die over our mistakes.”

Dionysus: “No need to worry about that. No doubt in my mind that Kaminari is thinking roughly the same thoughts as you. He’s probably gonna inform Raijin about Toku’s condition soon, if he hasn’t already.”

Gaia: “I just thought he would come around”

Dionysus: “Well, you do know that even offering is probably gonna cause an uproar if someone finds out.”

Gaia: “All right. I suppose we’ll just have to respect Toku’s opinion. He’d rather live with his comrades for a week, than have to live without them for a lifetime.”

Dionysus: “That is why you were interested in him in the first place.” Dionysus gave a slight smile before leaving, probably to go mess with Athena.


(Now that!….was hard to phrase right. Toku dying!….oh crap…Toku’s dying…these next few skits are gonna be scary. O_O) (Not trying to turn Toku into a god....thought I'd point that out XD)
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 (I got bored so I'll just post my Toku post now....) [Gaia’s Offer and Mishiranu‘s Resolve! Th
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big smile
I'm still deciding whether or not I wanna use him in later arcs, so he might end up surviving.....
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@Wantadog. That was a nice post, dude. XD. Great job!
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना wantadog said…
Thanks. I figure if I can't find a use for him by the time all this ends. I'll just kill him off.

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Heh, fair enough, dude. Jeeeeezzz, where the heck is everyone else??? I know why Whiteflame is absent, but what happened to Gaia, Kage, Exorcist and Frost?!

Bp: My forum is being neglected...

Raijin: That's because you're an asshole.

Bp: I hate you! Leave me alone!

Exorcist: (Appears out of nowhere) What are you yelling about?

Bp: Never mind that! Where the heck have you been?

Exorcist: Oh, you know...

Bp: No, I don't... Why the heck would I ask otherwise?

Exorcist: Oh, you know it... You just don't know that you do.

Bp: Jeez, what is with the spiritual crap?

Gaia: Hey, don't insult anything to do with spiritual. My name partially came from the idea of spiritual.

Bp: Okay, okay... Jeez. So, then, where have you been?

Gaia: Just around, ya know.

Bp: (Sighs) I think I'll go and admit myself to the asylum again - at least this time I won't be forced there...
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Wantadog: "Bye."

Toku: "Seriously....you're gonna kill me off?"

Wantadog: "Nope. You get to live. I arbitrarily made that decision a few minutes ago."

Toku: "Good. Cuz it'd be messed up to kill me off."

Wantadog: "Why? Cuz you're so awesome?"

Toku: "No, because you based most of my personality traits on yourself. It'd be like killing off your alter ego."

Wantadog: O_O

BP: "Ha! Now you're stuck with him!"

Whiteflame: "Weren't you going to the asylum?"

BP: "I can't find it."

Exorcist: "It closed down."

Gaia: "Why?"

BP: "Now where'll I go to be insane?!?!?!?"

Joker: "There's room at my place."

Wantadog: "You're not from Bleach."

Joker: "Neither are you."

Everyone: O_O
एक साल  से अधिक पुराना blackpanther666 said…
Lol!!! 'You're not from Bleach'... 'Neither are you'. Absolutely brilliant, dude. XDDDDDD

(And top marks for using a Batman character. Lol)
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[Deadly Arrival! The Head Espada/Raijin Shows His True Power/The New Start]

-Two monthes after War of the Gods-

(Overhead, the clouds swirled and shifted slowly due south; these clouds were dark grey, cumulus-shaped and forming a massive storm. It was a fitting pretense. The Soul Society had detected Hollow activity and hundreds had swarmed to the outer reaches of the Soul Society and were heading toward the Rukongai and, eventually, the Seireitei. The spiritual signatures of several Arrancar had also been picked up, and were heading to each gate. It was turmoil. Shunsui, Raijin and Kogase headed to the middle of the Seireitei and were gauging the situation. Toshiro had sent four Vice-Captains and Momo Hinamori to deal with the Arrancars at the gates, while Shunsui and the other two were awaiting the inevitable presence of Espada.)

-Two days earlier-

(Sosuke Aizen sat on the Hueco Mundo throne, signifying his prowess as ruler of Las Noches. Before him sat the eight remaining Espada and their Fraccion. Grimmjow Jaegerjacques sat with his arms folded and a bored expression on his face, one that yearned for destruction and battle. Coyote Starrk leaned backwards, the front two chair legs in the air and a lazy look on his face. Beside him, sat Ulquiorra, whose eyes were steady... emotionless. The rest looked on with intrigue.)

Aizen: My Espada... It is time. Time to finally destroy the Soul Society and utilise the power of the Ouken. Unfortunately, there are several tasks I need to get done before that is possible. In two days... You shall attack the Soul Society.

Ulquiorra: What is it that you wish this attack to achieve, Lord Aizen?

Aizen: It will provide a fruitful distraction... I can complete part of my task while this is done. This is the plan: Ulquiorra, you shall send as many Hollows to the outer regions of the Soul Society, which will distract them for a time. While this is happening, an Arrancar shall be sent to each gate of the Seireitei. Then, you Espada shall attack. It is imperative that you pull out when necessary. Raijin Masamune has an ally with an extraordinary power... This will prove extremely troublesome. I don't want any of you Espada to be destroyed - you are a valuable asset to me and have proved exceptionally usefiul in the past. Do not throw away your lives needlessly. Grimmjow... You have my permission to fight however you wish. I don't care if you choose to die... I know you'll fight to the death either way.

Grimmjow: I shall. No-one will stop me!

Raiden: (Stands up) Lord Aizen! I have a request...

Aizen: What is it?

Raiden: I wish to improve my powers and defeat the Rogue Shinigami... I'll give up my status as an Espada in order to achieve this task.

Aizen: Fine. I'll regard you as a modified Espada, and you rank as Segundo Espada shall be lost. Are you sure you wish to do this, Raiden Anteras?

Raiden: I want to defeat that bastard!

Aizen: I'll deal with you later, then. Leave us for now.

(Raiden nodded and stood up. He abruptly left the room.)

-Soul Society-

(Toshiro, Raijin, Shunsui, Kogase and Hideaki were sitting in Toshiro's office. While drinking tea, they were all discussing the recent activity of the Arrancars.)

Toshiro: It makes sense that Aizen shall attack again. Taking this into regard, I suggest that we monitor the whole area of the Soul Society closely. I believe that, if Aizen attacks, that he will have his Arrancars provide a distraction, so that the Espada can attack us from inside the Seireitei. Henceforth, I have decided that Raijin, Shunsui and Kogase shall guard the Seireitei night and day, until further notice. I will make arrangements for others to provide guard duty to the Rukongai, which I shall leave up to you, Sajin. I will appoint Momo to keep Arrancars from getting through the gates and, Hideaki, I will leave the monitoring up to you. Are we all agreed here?

Raijin, Shunsui, Kogase, Hideaki: Yes, sir!

Toshiro: Good. I'll let you four back to your squads to prepare. Raijin... I have one other instruction for you... If we need them, I'll ask your squad to take care of the Espada's Fraccion, providing there are any. They are experts at fighting and all have obtained Bankai.

Raijin: As you wish, sir. I'll let them know.

(All four Captains leave Toshiro's office.)

Raijin: I can't wait to beat the crap out of those Espada.

Sajin: Caution, young warrior. You are young, yet, and still need to hone your skills. Exercise caution, when fighting the Espada, otherwise you may end up getting hurt.

Raijin: I've fought Gods... I'm sure I'll be fine.

Kogase: Captain Komamura is right, Raijin. You are not immortal, whether you have fought Gods, or not. Remember that the Espada are incredibly powerful in their own way.

Raijin: Yeah, yeah... I'll be careful... While I'm kicking their ass' back to Hueco Mundo.

Shunsui: Time to separate... I'll meet up with you two later, okay. (Nods to Raijin and Kogase, then shunpos away swiftly)

Kogase, Sajin: Our turn. See you later, Raijin.


(In the distance, Raijin could sense fighting. It seemed that the Hollows were being devastated by the Shinigami. The fighting at the gates was slow and steady; none of the Vice-Captains had released any large amounts of reiatsu and neither had the Arrancars. Finally, the skies phased and eight dimensional rips appeared out of the corner of his eye. The Espada. Raijin, Kogase and Shunsui jumped upwards, surprised that all of the Espada seemed to have appeared. Ulquiorra, the Espada he last fought and four others disappeared, leaving three Espada. One was Raiden Anteras, but he looked different, somehow.)

Raijin: You again... Didn't you learn your lesson last time?

Raiden: Apparently not, though it'll make no difference now. This time will be much different.

Raijin: We'll see.

(Shunsui and Kogase moved to be engaged by the other two Espada. One was Starrk and the other was Grimmjow.)

Shunsui: Didn't I kill you last time...?

Starrk: Nope. And now I'm back... Honestly, though, I don't hold any grudges against you, but I do have to fight you. I will not disappoint Lord Aizen.

Shunsui: I'm sure you won't. Well, let's rumble.

(Kogase glared at Grimmjow. The blue-haired Espada was arrogant at best, but still seemed to be incredibly strong. He would have to play his cards right, otherwise he could get severely injured.)

Kogase: And you are?

Grimmjow: Your worst nightmare, Shinigami!
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[The Exasperated Sigh of the noble women]

“At exactly 14:00, the last traces of any natural interference faded away. Nature in the world of the living has stabilized and the balance of souls has more or less returned to what it once was. All traces of the deities of nature have completely receded from Soul Society.”

“I see.” Head Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya sighed in relief as he sat in the 1st division captain’s chamber, which was by far the biggest. He was behind his desk under the view of the sunlight shining in from outside, thanks to the room’s lack of windows. There were no guards around, of course, as anything that could threaten the head captain would be far too much for the guards to handle.

Sitting in the seat across from Toshiro in a lax manner with her legs folded as she watched her superior without much enthusiasm was Adelheid Von Einsberg, ‘Queen’ of one of the four Great Noble Houses of Soul Society and head of the secretive kido corps. The noble woman took full advantage of both her social and military status to escape the regulation of uniform. The kido corps commander typically wore an eccentric outfit, but usually over the normal shinigami clothing. Adelheid, however, wore a beautifully made black dress that exposes her shoulders, silk gloves that extend from her finger tips and past her elbows to reach half way up her upper arm, and black five-inch heels. While Soul Society had Japanese customs, she took the western theme of her house and imposed it on the entire kido corps. Granted, she was a beautiful woman with a divine face that no one could deny. However, the cruel look in her eyes made even the Toshiro uncomfortable as he sat before her. Though some might consider the way she was sitting to be quite disrespectful to this man, Toshiro was actually quite thankful that she had even done him the favor of keeping track of the influence the gods from the world of the living had on Soul Society, ever since they had effortlessly invaded Sereitei and threatened them all. Normally, something like this would be under the 12th squad’s jurisdiction, but the essence of the gods were so arcane, it was better suited for the kido corps.

“With this, we can focus on Aizen and the Arrancar without further worry.” Toshiro went on. “We were fortunate that he kept his distance during the entire ordeal. The chaos that could have ensued if he’d attacked then would have been problematic.”

Adelheid didn’t respond immediately. She simply eyed Toshiro as a flicker of interest floated into her dead expression.

“Sosuke isn’t fool enough to mess with something like the gods.” Adelheid said in a matter-of-fact tone. “He has a massive god complex, after all. If one were to defeat him in a straight on fight, it would probably devastate his ego.”

Toshiro didn’t respond to that immediately either. He knew that Adelheid was familiar with Sosuke Aizen, enough that she called him by his first name without honorific. Toshiro had a suspicion about Adelheid that he was afraid to confirm.

Centuries ago, Aizen had tricked Soul Society and gotten several captains and vice-captains banished after conducting an experiment on hollowification. In the process, he managed to get both the kido commander and vice-commander at the time banished as well. Adelheid had been third seat then, and was already known for her sharpness. It seemed unlikely that she had been fooled by Aizen’s ploy and she likely knew of the man’s deceitful tactics. If she’d mentioned it using her credibility as nobility, she might have gotten more surveillance put on Aizen and prevented everything that was happening today from occurring.

However, she didn’t.

There was a story about a woman in the world of the living who had nothing until an old general fell in love with her face and married her. But then a king came and took the woman away, and the general committed suicide. Once she married the king and became a queen, the woman purposely ignored the sight of a man sneaking poison into the king’s food. Once the king died, the woman became the matriarch of the kingdom.

The one who had nothing gained everything without raising a finger.

In a way, this was a metaphorical case of poison. Toshiro didn’t like to think that Adelheid allowed this all to pass simply for her current position, but it wasn’t against her personality. Honestly, he never knew what this woman was thinking. What was more important to her? Her own status or the status of Soul Society? He shuddered to think of what he’d have to do if it were the prior.

“Head-Captain.” Adelheid said as she unfolded her legs and sat up straighter, her long black hair cascading down her shoulder with the movement. “May I have permission to make contact with Sosuke as soon as the situation presents itself?”

If what Toshiro thought was true, it was entirely possible that this woman was allied with Aizen. She could be their enemy.

Or so it would seem. Adelheid was a sharp woman. There was no doubt that she knew of Toshiro’s suspicions, regardless of whether they were true or not. If she wanted to disprove him, she would at the very least have been more cautious than to make a direct request like this. What purpose did she see in this…?

“Go ahead.” Toshiro muttered finally, angry at himself for being so easily frustrated. This woman was playing with his emotions without even doing anything. It was really a case of metaphorical poisoning. “Just keep in mind how powerful he is.”

“Oh, I know.” For the first time in their conversation, Adelheid showed a shadow of a smile. It made her beautiful features light up like a Christmas tree, enough that it made Toshiro avert his eyes. Unlike Matsumoto, Adelheid’s was a sophisticated sort of beauty. “I’m not fool enough to go near that man carelessly.”

“Sensei, do you feel that?”

The newly appointed lieutenant, Kazuma Uesugi, retreated several feet across the lawn with his sword drawn as he felt spiritual pressure raging throughout Soul Society. He glanced at the sky as if he could see the web of energies extending in the clouds and could trace them back to their source with his eyes. His indigo hair fluttered through the breeze along with his black robes as he slowed his sword and his grip on the handles slackened slightly.

The woman he’d been attacking did not retreat an inch as she sheathed the two short wakizashi swords into their sheaths on her belt as she glanced up as well. Her long blonde hair was cut into a princess style that reflected her noble background and her eyes were soft with kindness, and yet hard with experience, though her height resembled that of a child.

“Aizen has decided to use a frontal assault with his hollows…?” Squad 9 captain, “Titania” Tsubaki Tokugawa, murmured in surprise. She had loads of tactical and military strategic knowledge, but she never understood Aizen’s methods, which always bordered between cowardice and stupidity. However, his heinous tactics often worked, so she couldn’t really ostracize them. “Even the espada…”

“What shall we do, sensei?” Kazuma asked without much urgency in his voice. “Honestly, I think that the siege won’t last long and the other captains will handle it quickly, so can’t we focus on my training?”

“I’m afraid not.” Tsubaki shook her head firmly. “When an enemy knocks on our door, it would be improper for us to ignore it. We must go and greet them posthaste.”

“I figured you might say that…” Kazuma sighed reluctantly. “I expect that you’ll want to go straight to fight the stronger of the opponents on your own?”

“We’ll mobilize any of our squad that’s not yet in battle with the arrancar so we can mow through their numbers. Meanwhile, you and I are going to confront some of the espada.”

“Me too?”

“Of course. Real battle is far better than simply training, you know.”

So she said. Despite this, when they trained, Tsubaki was harsh enough to go all out against Kazuma, such that he couldn’t remember how many times he’d ‘died’ against her. Even so, he was glad that she acknowledged his skills enough that he thought he’d be able to help her, rather than hold her back.

“Captain!” Lieutenant Corwen Heyne was yelling as he stood among a rush of shinigami charging toward the invading hallow. A few of the Hallows charged toward Corwen out of nowhere, but the vice-captain easily swung his seven meter spear and slashed apart their masks as he continued yelling. “Captain!! Where the hell are ya’?”

“Shut that loud mouth of yours already and tell me what you want.” A voice snapped from behind Corwen. The vice-captain turned around and grinned to see the woman he was looking for standing impatiently with a look that was as cold as ice. She wore a strange cowl over her head, but her white haori was clear as day to anyone.

“Yo, captain! I wanted your permission to go after the arrancar and kick their ass, okay?”

“…Really? In that case, I’ll kill you right now. If I let you go, I won’t have the satisfaction of finally ending you myself.”

Corwen sighed as Azusa Kuchiki’s retort bit back like a tiger.

“Common, Azu-nyan. I want to test my spear against a good opponent, not these small fry. It’s not like any of them can dodge my spear anyways-”

“Stop. Just stop it. I’ve had the misfortune to work with you for quite a while now, so I know how this is going to end up. You’re just going to approach one of the espada, try to kill them, and fail miserably.”

“W-What? I can do it! I’m a man incarnated with a legendary spear than can pierce through anything! Those Espada can’t hope to defend against it!”

“Yes, I’m sure that idea is what is pressuring you. I understand.”

“You’re still doubting me! That’s it, it’s show time!”

With that, Corwen lifted his spear up in one hand and crouched, poised to throw it like a javelin. He had no need to utter the release command for his zanpakutou because it was already released. He lacked the control to handle even his own spiritual prowess.

With a single chuck, the spear went sailing from his hand and in a straight path through the hallows directly in front of them. The spear cleaved a massive hole in a straight path , destroying each hallow it went through mercilessly as if the spear were a cannon, rather than a mere thrown projectile. The only explanation a person could come up with while watching this incredible phenomenon was that the spear’s shikai ability had something to do with it. But they were only partly right. The spear was able to go so far thanks to the sheer physical muscle mass Corwen possessed. The spear’s velocity was a result of months of physical training. This hard work proved itself by sending the spear in the direction of one of the espada who happened to be gliding nearby through the air. Noticing the spear, the arrancar raised a hand up lazily to deflect it, but instead, the spear bypassed his defenses and struck his shoulder.

To be more specific, the spear evaded the hand on its own. While it looked like the spear had always been aimed in the same direction and the espada had attempt to block and misplaced his hand, in reality, the spear’s shikai ability influenced the result.

“…You cheater! You said no one can block your spear, but it was just about to be blocked! You just used that trick of yours to make it hit its mark anyways!”

“Shut up! As long as I kill him, I win!”

The pair was interrupted by the sound of the spear’s tip deflecting off of a hard surface and the spear came flying back into Corwen hand. They both stared at the figure the landed before them, rubbing one hand to his smoking shoulders.

“Geez,” Nero Lanca muttered. “That spear just came flying out of nowhere—thank god I had my herro. Are you the jerk who chucked that thing?”

The two shinigami were silent for a long moment before Corwen abruptly leveled his spear tip with the arrancar’s face.

“W-Witchcraft! You bastard! You cheated just to make me look bad!”

“Don’t use random excuses like witchcraft to explain your failure.” Azusa sighed as she pinched the bridge of her nose. “It’s graceless.”

“But there is no other explanation! Alright! In order to regain my honor, I’ll riddle you with a thousand barbs! Bring it on, user of black magic!”
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Nice post, Exorcist. XD
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Anyone planning to post...? This is getting kinda painful to see... There hasn't been much attention lately. I can understand that everyone has spent lot's of time on this RP already, but it would be great if we could get this Arc underway... I'd really appreciate it. Thank you all.
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[Forgotten Memories! Raijin's Oath] - Timeskip Post, two weeks prior to Aizen's attack

(Raijin pondered his thoughts. The last two weeks had been interesting, to say the least. Over the period of those two weeks, Raijin had been training with the former pseudo-shinigami, who were slowly losing their powers and needed to train with their Bankai. Raijin had used his Shikai to train with each of them personally and get them to the point of using their Bankai against them. Raijin had only had to use his Bankai against Bluebell, Renee and Isamu; using his Shikai against the others was just enough, but only barely. If he hadn't had such a versatile power, he probably would have had to use his Bankai against all of them. It was hard enough to fight Bluebell in her Shikai, given her power of using certain illusions; this had contributed to his decision to fight her Bankai to Bankai. Renee was difficult to fight, Shikai to Shikai and Bankai to Bankai, given her friction-based powers; he had struggled to fight her and had only won by a very thin line... She was, after all, a former Captain and a very capable Shinigami. Isamu had also been tough to fight. Once he used his Bankai, Raijin had instantly become pressured and had to resort to his Bankai. The others were strong, but they were reckless and that was the sole reason that they had lost to Raijin, Shikai to Bankai. Hotheaded though he was, Raijin had learned the hard way not to be reckless in battle; recklessness often lead the way to defeat, or even death. Gaishima Shiretsu and Shishira were uninterested to joining the new squad and had said so from the start; he was more interested in remaining a loner, which was his nature. Raijin had realised, at that point, that Gaishima had been a real friend to him and helped him through many tough times - he was sorry to see him go, but Gaishima had promised to visit every now and again and Raijin accepted that decision. One thing Raijin had found strange, he had noticed that Toku, the former Squad Four member, hadn't been seen around much lately and it was unclear if he was to join the Rogue Squad, or not. Raijin thought that maybe the guy was a bit lost at the moment, after losing his powers; it was definitely tough - Raijin would have felt the same way, if he had lost his powers from Kaminari. Either way, Raijin felt that the guy needed some space and hadn't pressured him about joining the Rogue Squad. There was one other problem. Captain-Commander Toshiro Hitsugaya had heard word from the Steath Corps. They had information proving that Aizen and his Arrancars were in the process of mobilising their forces. It was a major problem, one that required the attention of the 13 Captains and the Rogue Squad Commander. They had attended a Captain's Meeting to discuss the problem.)

Toshiro: As you all know, we have had word from the Stealth Corps, that proves the mobilisation of the Arrancars. This is merely a preliminary meeting, letting you know what is pccuring in Hueco Mundo. Lieutenant Kinimase will report.

Kinimase: (Standing forward to report his Corps' information) As you have heard from the Head Captain, we have found information proving that Aizen is finally in the process of moving to attack us and gain entrance to the Soul-King's dimension. We discovered thousands of Hollows moving towards Las Noches and many high-level spiritual signatures also congregated in the same area. This can mean only one thing- (Demandred interrupts)

Demandred: (Scowling fiercely) That Aizen is going to attack us, we get it! What I want to know is, what are we going to do about it? I could go back to Hueco Mundo and confront him, and defeat him forever...

Toshiro: No. No-one will be going to Hueco Mundo. We know that Aizen is going to come to us and we will not attempt to engage the enemy in their own territory. I won't allow it! You all remember what happened last time - the mission was a failure. A Captain and a Vice-Captain died. It won't happen again, not on my watch. As it was your idea, Demandred, you'll take the blame for that. I had hinted at it, but never had the time to elaborate. I am suspending you for the time being, until I can figure out what to do with you.

Demandred: That's unfair, sir. I thought it was the best decision at the time. We had no idea that Renji would be confronted by Ichigo Kurosaki... It was unprecedented that he had been mkodified into an Arrancar. I should not be suspended for voicing a plan and seeing it out.

Toshiro: (Vein pops in his forehead) Because of your lack of conviction, Demandred, a Captain and a Vice-Captain were killed! You must take responsibility for your failed plan. I would say the same to anyone... I will have to order you to leave now, you are dismissed.

Demandred: (Stalks out of the room, a look of rage on his face and voices one last thing ebfore disappearing and slamming the door) Damn you, Toshiro Hitsugaya! You have undervalued me as a Captain. I hope you regret this decision...

Raijin: Wasn't that a little harsh, sir?

Toshiro: Yeah... I know. It was necessary. Demandred is unstable and needs to spend some time regaining his state of mind. I don't like doing that to him, but I need him to understand that he has to take responsibility for his actions. Whether he likes it, or not, his idea lead to the deaths of two well-liked and great Shinigami. He will not be punished, but, until he realises what his actions have caused, he cannot be in command of a squad. For now, I will allow Rukia Kuchiki, Vice-Captain of Squad Thirteen, to take command until further notice. Takuma, I understand you pushed Demandred to make this decision. I am not impressed with that - you should have understood that it could lead to events, like what took place in Hueco Mundo several monthes ago. However, I will allow you to keep your command, but I want to impress upon you the seriousness of what occurred. I don't appreciate my senior Captains pushing others to make potentially dangerous decisons. If it occurs again, I will remove that person, from command, for good.

Shunsui: I understand, sir. As Captains of the Gotei 13, we will not let you down.

Kogase: I agree. We must take our positions extra seriously, at least until we can obtain some kind of peace.

Toshiro: Thank you for understanding. I appreciate your candor.

Soi Fon: Sir, I have a request. As Squad Two Captain, I would like to be involved in any activities requiring stealth.

Toshiro: I will see what I can do, Soi Fon. I will update you on the matter, once I have begun to make plans.

Soi Fon: Thank you, sir.

Raijin: I would like to remind you, sir, that I will be the one to fight Aizen... You all cannot fight him, as most of you have seen his Shikai. Not only do I have the indispensible power of Kaminari, but I also have not seen his Shikai release. I insist that I will destroy him, for Renji and for all the souls he has destroyed and hurt!

Toshiro: (Sighs) I realise that, Raijin, but it won't happen like that.

Hideaki: (Finally piping up) The Captain-Commander is right... You will not get many chances to fight Sosuke Aizen. His objective is to enter the Soul-King's dimension, using the Ouken, and destroy it completely. Our objective is to keep that from happening, which is why we need someone to fijnd out what Aizen is going to do.

Raijin: And how do you plan to do that?

Hideaki: Simple. I'm almost surprised that you haven't thought of it yet, but, then again, fools often don't think before opening their mouths. Aizen will most likely send his Arrancars and Espada to distract us, so he can attempt to enter the Soul-King's dimension unobstructed. Most obvious, when you think about it.

Kogase: And what if he expects us to think that and joins the fray, stopping us all in one place?

Hideaki: Don't open your mouth before thinking, Squad 3 Captain... That is where Soi Fon will come in. She is the fastest and most stealthy of the Gotei 13, therefore she will attempt to uncover such information, while we keep her position noted and have a human device for contact, so that I, or one of my Seated Officers can note down any information she learns.

Raijin, Kogase: Smartass bastard!

Hideaki: ....

Toshiro: A good plan, Hideaki. I think I will utilise that at once. Soi Fon, I will see you after this meeting. This is it for now, but I will update every one of you when I can. You are all dismissed.

(The Captains, apart from Soi Fon, all filed out of his office, heading off to their prospective squads. Raijin decided to take a walk, instead of going back to his squad's temporary barracks. Though he and Isamu had become friendly, he was not in the mood to talk. He had been reminded of Renji's death, once again and he felt saddened all over again. He figured that he would walk to his usual spot and sit there until the sun went down - then we would go backand drown his sorrows in sake. Maybe not the best idea, but he just couldn't help the thought.)

Inner Monologue: Renji... My friend... Where are you now? What happens to a soul after they die? I hope I get to meet you again one day. I miss your company. I wish I had longer to become friends with you. I wanted to defeat Aizen with you by my side. Now I can't.
'Kaminari, are you there?'
'Hello, Raijin' the God replied.
'I need answers. Is it even possible to defeat someone like Aizen? Toshiro told me that he couldn't die, because he fused with an object called the Hogyoku...'
Kaminari appeared in front of him, standing next to Hageshii Raikouarashi, who had watched with interest. 'Raijin... Let me tell you something. No-one, in this world, or the next, is invincible. Perhaps this individual is powerful enough, with the power of the object you spoke about, to prolong his life-span and his potential to die. It will wear thin. No-one lasts forever, not even Gods.'
Raijin frowned. 'So I can defeat him?'
'That is up to you to figure out. I think you have the potential to do so, but it is entirely up to you whether you can defeat him or not. I can guide you, you must do the rest yourself.'
Raijin finally understood. 'Thank you, Kaminari, you have been a great help to me.'
Kaminari and Hageshii Raikouarashi disappeared and Raijin came back to the real world.
So, Aizen, even you can die...
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Awesome post. Because I'm incredibly bored. I'm gonna write a quick post about Toku and Mishiranu.
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Heh, sounds good to me, dude. Thanks for continuing to read the forum and such. Much appreciated. XD. I think I will post a timeskip Aizen post tomorrow night, providing I can think of what I want to write and everything goes to plan. Lol.
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(Lol no problem. Here it is.)

[Toku lives! A Final Decision. Hageshii Shoumei The Samurai of Soul Society.]
(two weeks prior to Aizen’s attack)

While Kaminari and Raijin were talking. Toku was nearby. In the Rukon district. He was back where he had grown up. He looked around. It seemed the same as ever. He looked down at his hands. He was feeling worse. He was on the verge of his powers disappearing altogether. He sighed and laid down in the grass. Not a bad place to spend his final moments.

???: “Final moments my ass.”

Toku: “What do you want, Nekokaburi?”

Neko: “What? Don’t I get a say in this? You die, I die, so stop being stubborn.”

Toku: “I’m not being stubborn, this is what I decided.”

Neko: “Change your mind.”

Toku: “No.”

Neko: “See, you’re being stubborn!”

Toku sighed. “Why do you have to argue with me all the time? Can’t you for once agree?”

Nekokaburi snickered. “Ha! As if! You wanna know the real reason you need to accept her proposal? Fine, I’ll tell you.”

Toku: “…”

(2 hours later)

Isamu: “Phew! Ok. Ok. That’s enough for now. Man, Mishiranu, you kicked my ass.”

Mishiranu: *Panting.* “Sheesh. You’re not that bad yourself. Not having manifestation is gonna be a real pain. I don’t see why we couldn’t just go kill Aizen, then lose our powers.”

Raijin: “He’s not as weak as you make him out to be. Where’s everyone else?”

Isamu: “Bluebell and Kowareta were bickering and went off in separate directions, Renee is meditating in the forest, and Lushi went off to look for Toku. I’m not sure about the others.”

Raijin: “Ya, I’ve been worried about Toku. No one’s seen him for days. He’s missing.”

Isamu: “Ha! Maybe he went to go fight Aizen.”

Mishiranu: “He’s too lazy for that.”

Toku: “Who you calling lazy?”

Everyone jumped and Mishiranu held her chest. “Sheesh, how the heck do you sneak up on us like that?”

Toku: “Not hard when your approach is covered up by chatter.”

Isamu: “Ouch….burn from the little man.”

Mishiranu: “Ya ya, whatever. I have to take care of something so you guys can talk all you want while I’m gone.” She strode off.

Raijin: “I think you made her mad.”

Toku: “I hope not. She kinda scares me.”

Isamu: “And you have been where exactly?”

Toku: “I went to the forest to go die.”

Raijin: “You were sick?”

Toku: “Ya, but I’m better now. So what do ya say to some sparring, eh?”

Raijin: “Sure thing. You wanna jump straight into Bankai?”

Toku: “I suppose so. Hey, this is the first time we’ve ever dueled. Pretty iconic.”

Raijin: “A regular Kodak moment…”

Isamu: “What’s a Kodak moment?”

Raijin: “…nothing…”

Raijin released his shikai and Toku released his sword, entering Bankai. This was Raijin’s first time seeing Toku’s sword‘s second release. The rings around his neck, waist, and wrists made it seem as if he was shackled. He and Raijin faced each other. Then both charged each other. An hour later, the fight ended. Toku was rubbing his head, and Raijin was on the ground, sitting. He was breathing heavily. “Damn…where….did that…come from. You actually made me use my Bankai. And even then, it was hard. You sure you were sick?”

Toku smiled. He had indeed accepted Gaia’s offer. Judging from the other god’s looks. She was gonna get chewed out for doing it. He may be a demigod in spirit and mind, but his body was human, he couldn’t handle having demigod powers without being killed. Although that’s not to say that it was completely useless. “Let’s just say I’m feeling much better.”


Mishiranu wandered Soul Society. She was still a little nervous being here. No matter how nice people were to her, she couldn’t truly believe it. She noticed that all of the shinigami gave her odd looks behind her back. They didn’t trust her. She didn’t blame them. After all, she abandoned her squad. Maybe it’d be best to go back to wandering.

“Oh, I thought I recognized you!”

Mishiranu turned in shock as the familiar voice of Captain Kyoraku sounded from behind. He walked up, smiling. His lieutenant, Nanao Ise, stood behind him. Mishiranu inclined her head, no longer bothering to bow or show any other signs of respect. “Captain Kyoraku. It’s been awhile.”

Kyoraku: “Yes it has, you were Captain Hirako’s third seat, weren’t you?”

Mishiranu: “Yes, sir, I was. I’m a little shocked you remember me.”

Kyoraku: “Well there was a big deal after you went missing on your mission.”

Mishiranu nodded. “Ya…that…”

Kyoraku: “What’s wrong.”

Mishiranu: “Can you guys really say you’re going to be able to trust me after what I did?”

Kyoraku: “No one resents you.”

Mishiranu motioned to the shinigami behind her that were whispering and pointing. “How do you explain them?”

Kyoraku: “Well everyone has been asking the same questions.”

Mishiranu: “Questions?”

Kyoraku: “They all want to know what it was like to fight gods. The past is the past. Nobody here is bothered by your presence. In fact, I’d say they welcome it.”

Mishiranu: “R-Really? Nobody is scared I might abandon them?”

Kyoraku: “Nope. Now what do you say to getting some sake?”

Nanao: “We have work, CAPTAIN!”

(Present time: During Aizen’s attack.)

The hollows were being killed by the hundreds as small green insect-like creatures slowly sucked out all of their energy. As quickly as the hollows destroyed the insects, more were created using the hollows own energy. Hageshii Shoumei watched from the distance, smiling as the hollows were destroyed by their own power. It was a genius strategy and one that he was specially suited for. With three hundred thousand of the flying little buggers, he was able to easily mow down the enemy ranks. The squad 11 members he had saved scowled at his approach. He didn’t really expect such brutes to be able to appreciate the beauty of this plan. Without using a single drop of spiritual pressure, he was defeating his enemy and increasing his reserves of power all at the same time. Not even the captains were able to accomplish that. Well, except to his own captain of course. He also knew that he would be targeted as a threat. An Espada would eventually come to kill him. He welcomed the challenge. Just like the Japanese samurai, he would not back down. He would be victorious.


(Basically, Toku tires out less easily than others.)
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I'm also thinking of making Hageshii fight Aguantar. Obviously since he's only a third seat. Someone would have to save him, but that would be a fun battle to write out XD
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[Aizen's Orders/Espada Extraordinaire!]

(Tension filled the air, in the palace of Las Noches; the Espada were raging at each other - at least, the more hot-tempered ones were. Aguantar and Grimmjow were at each other's throats constantly, trying to convince the other that they were stronger. Ulquiorra and Starrk looked on with mild intrigue, while the two consistently bombarded the other with insults and gloats. Nero and Raiden were giving each other the evils, while gripping the edge of their chairs, trying keep themselves from attacking the other. Even Cloud Sparrk was in an unusually bad mood, which was odd, considering his hatred of everything and everyone.)

Aizen: Pull it together! I have had enough of the sour looks and conflict between my precious Espada. I am in the process of making plans - the plans that will eradicate the Soul Society and Shinigami for good. I'll make the Soul-King my slave. All you need to know is that you'll be providing a distraction for me, when the time comes to implement this plan.

Ulquiorra: My lord... I have a question. May I have the honour of destroying the Head Captain of the Gotei 13 in battle?

Aizen: You may... It will be a task, though. Do not underestimate Toshiro Hitsugaya! He has remained Captain-Commander for over 400 years and was regarded as a prodigy when I was still a Captain of the Gotei 13. There is no telling how powerful he is now.

Ulquiorra: I understand, Lord Aizen. When the time comes, I will proceed with caution.

Aizen: To the rest of you, I will decide your targets when the time comes. If anyone has any requests to fight someone personally, I will hear them now.

Starrk: I want a rematch with Shunsui Kyoraku, Squad Eight Captain. He defeated me last time, but it won't happen again. With my new Resurreccion, he'll be shown what true power is.

Aizen: I will grant that request. I'm sure Shunsui would love a rematch with the man he defeated in battle. Until next time, my Espada. You are all dismissed.
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