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Evolution of Blaze the Cat in Sonic Games (2005-2017)
blaze the cat
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Drawing Blaze the cat ^_^
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Blaze the Cat was practicing for her ancient ritual. Her father, Soler, was so proud that his daughter was turning 18. She had delicate curves instead of a square body, her ponytail was longer, up to her knees, and her bosom was quite large. All of the Girls were so excited about Blaze being a woman. She was the youngest in the whole group, सेकंड to Marine, the raccoon. Blaze was burning चाय leaves to make them crisp and ready for the teapot. She was humming to the tune "Sonic Boom" while pouring the extremely hot water with an exotic lemony taste. "I wonder if my dad will buy...
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I've seen people become die hards and for people (like me) who want to be one, here's some steps for this club.

1) Contribute वीडियो everyone enjoys.2
2) Contribute लिंक्स everyone enjoys.
3) Contribute तस्वीरें everyone enjoys.
4) Contribute fanpicks and जवाब that everyone will answer and enjoy :)

आप may start off as a Dedicated Fan, but as time progresses and as आप devote और of your time to this club, it will eventually develop into a Die-Hard. And who knows, maybe you'll get a Fanatic :3

This is a repost so don't give me any troll threats about it. (that includes आप Darkhorn) ^^ im trying to help some people.
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I hate people hate blaze the cat cause people take it for like they boss of you. That when I see people just put on the on blaze the cat दीवार and they कहा that blaze is a jackass and nobody cares about it's mean to blaze the cat and sliver so
stop it आप jackass's just stop. People can आप guys just stop if आप guys report
me I am sorry but it is true so can
आप please stop but आप can be quite.Because some people think she is awesome so can people just like her stop
being mean to my is she is the awesome so can people just liker how she is.So people like her how she is please like and like her club please.
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