ब्लैर वालडॉर्फ These are some of the चोटी, शीर्ष rated Blair कोट्स from a site, which one do आप like more?

Pick one:
आप know, I always knew आप were a whore. But I never knew आप were a liar.
It wasn't a quickie. Sex is actually a big deal to some of us.
Funny, Brown doesn't offer a degree in slut
Because आप take everything from me!...You can't even help it.It's who आप are.
(to Dan from S's phone)Sorry, the number आप dialed is no longer is service.
Brooklyn... I think that's in New York.
All I wanted was for us to start over. And आप didn't even try.
Is that a bong, mother? I didn't take आप for a stoner.
Oh, so Nate gets a free pass and I'm the slut?
I'm not pregnant. I command myself to not be pregnant.
Maybe I am a total bitch. Ever think about that?
Well, erase the tape!
These तितलियों have got to be murdered.
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