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 Chuck & Blair <3
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This Blair & Chuck चित्र contains बिजनेस सूट, सूट, and कपड़े का सूट. There might also be थ्री - पीस सूट, तीन पीस सूट, पिनस्ट्रीप, pinstripe, दो टुकड़ा, दो पीस सूट, लाउंज सूट, दो टुकड़े, and दो टुकड़ा सूट.

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 Party Time!
Party Time!
Chair Tales - S02E09- Groundhog Day

It's Serena and Dan's official Engagement Party.
Lily, Eric, Rufus, Jenny have been in New Haven for a couple of days.

At Serena's house the party preparations are in their final stages and it is early afternoon. Blair has been at the house helping out for almost an घंटा now. Serena had tried to get Blair to tell her the reason she came to her house a few nights पूर्व night but Blair keeps telling her it was nothing.

Chuck now arrives at the house, invited द्वारा Serena. Serena has told Chuck and Blair (separately) that she has a surprise for them.

B: So are आप going...
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 Mrs बास pregnant!
Mrs Bass pregnant!
A/N: im continuing from where i left off. there is no और flashbacks in this one. so thats all i got to say

chuck was shocked, was she joking. he wouldnt mind if she was but in his mind it didnt seem real. he thought he was the luckiest person in the world, a beautiful wife and three gourgous children. he loved all his children and that would be the same for this one but he was so shocked he couldnt say anything.
blair had noticed how quiet chuck was and started to be a little freaked out.

B: hello... chuck...?
C: are आप serious?
B: 100% i took...
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