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 victoria clair bass!
victoria clair bass!
this skips 4 years so blair has had her child and serena and nate are married they also have children. nate works in politics and chuck hasnt been in manhattan since blair and him broke up 4 years ago. he didnt even come back for nate and serena's wedding. gossip girl is no longer here. so thats the catch up.

***4 years later***

archibald apartment(Serena and nate's):

blair is having चाय with serena. nate is at work and blair has took victoria(her child)to see nathan(Serena's son). serena is also expecting another baby.

S: B आप need to go out find a lovely man.
B: i dont need a man. me and victoria are fine on our own. do आप want to go shopping?
S: no im ok. plus i look like a big balloon in everything i buy. i can look after victoria for you.
B: no S आप already have nathan to look after and आप new little one on the way.
S: no B आप go shopping and enjoy yourself victoria can stay here and play with nathan.
B: ok but im buying आप something.
S: well i cant say no to that and आप are big shot now. (giggles)
B: how am i?
S: how are आप not? owner of a huge and very famous clothes खरीडिए come on B. (laughs) go out and enjoy yourself victoria will be fine.
B: i couldnt have got through these past few years without आप and nate.
S: it is what best फ्रेंड्स are for.
B: ok are आप sure it's...
S: go.
B: ok. Victoria im going out you're going to stay here with auntie serena.
V: ok but where are आप going mommy?
B: im going shopping and im going to buy आप and nathan some sweets.
Nathan: yay. vicky are आप coming to play.
V: yes. bye mommy प्यार you.
B: प्यार आप to sweet दिल be good for auntie serena.
V: i will.

chuck has just came back to new york and is walking around the streets. he has sold victrola and jack has been left in charge of the palace hotel. he was still in charge of the empire but he wasnt living in manhatten. he worked from somewhere else out of new york and has recently came back. he was walking past what use to be victrola, which is now a coffee shop. when he moved out of manhattan he allowed the board of बास industries sell it because he didnt want any reminders of her.
chuck is walking past one of the shops he is brought out of his thoughts when he bumps into a women.

C: im so sorry. (recognises her) blair.
B: chuck (shocked) i thought आप moved out of manhattan.
C: i moved back today. i thought आप moved to france.
B: no i never moved to france. i was only visited my father. i needed a little अंतरिक्ष from city life. आप know how manhattan can get.
C: it can be a hassel.
(awkward silence)
C: so how have आप been keeping (Trying to keep talking to her)
B: umm fine. how have आप been doing? i know that jacks took over the palace i've been visiting georgina and hannah.
C: good the business has been doing alot better.
B: im guessing the board still didnt think victrola was bringing in a crowd.
C: uhh yeah they decided to sell it. (thinking: more like i sold it so i could get आप out of my head but it didnt work)
B: well i've got to go.
C: ok. bye.
B: bye.
(Is starting to walk off)
C: blair!
B: yeah.
C: maybe you'd want to meet up sometime? go for a drink. catch up.
B: ok text me. i still got my old number.
C: ok.
(blair walks off to another shop, chuck continues walking down the street)

Chuck thinking: she is still as beautiful as ever. maybe me and her could start dating again? that is if she ever forgives me for what i did. i was a jerk. i should have been there for her. she didnt mention her child. maybe she did get rid of it. dont be stupid बास of course she didnt. what if she does want me back and the child hates me for abandoning them? i did think she moved to france but thats no excuse. i know where harold lives i could have tried to convince her to come back. im chuck बास for crying out loud. she seemed happy. i was like an idiot talking to her. maybe she's found someone new. someone better. i didnt even come to my best फ्रेंड्स wedding, i could have fixed things up with her then. im going to get blair back. even if she has found someone new. no one will ever have the chemistry we had. why did i lie to her about victrola. i should have just told her i let them sell it because i was still in प्यार with her and everytime i seen victrola it reminded me of what i lost. i'll tell her the truth. maybe she'll find it sweet, या completly akward. must remember to text her. good thing i never deleted her number. are आप really that sad bass? she'd probably say that (Smirks). are आप actually looking to have a kid though. your ready for anything आप were going to have everything when आप went to get blair back four years पूर्व and आप thought she had moved to france. i know nothing about this kid, would the kid want to know me. i am the asshole of a father that abandoned his pregnant girlfriend because he cant be a father. my father was right. i am a failure. blair probably doesnt want आप anywhere near her son या daughter या whatever the frig she had. i always screw things up interupted...

Nate: chuck बास is that you?
C: nathanil great to see you.
N: and you. are आप back in manhattan?
C: yes. im back for good.
N: well me and serena must have आप over for रात का खाना some night.
C: sure. how are आप and serena? sorry i missed the wedding.
N: we're great we have a child now and another one on the way.
C: keeping busy. (smirks)
N: same chuck.
C: im meeting everyone today. i just ran into blair.
N: really? how did that conversation go?
C: fine. a little awkward but we are going to meet up some time and catch up.
N: well thats good. well i'd प्यार to stay and chat but i have some work to be getting on with.
C: where do आप work now?
N: politics.
C: wow well i'll let आप get on with that then.
N: here give me your number and i'll invite आप for चाय with me, serena and nathan.
C: nathanil would आप like to tell me why आप called आप son nathan?
N: i think आप understand fine chuck. like you'll understand that if we have a girl serena wants to call her selena.
C: lets hope for a boy.
N: i'll call आप later man.
C: sure.

archibald apartment:


S: im coming!
(Answers the door)
B: serena he's back!
S: who blair?
B: that thing. and i let him back into my life so he can wreck it again.
S: blair who's back?
B: chuck.
S: chuck is back in the city?
B: yes and he asked if i wanted to catch up sometime and i told him sure and to text me.
S: what's the problem?
B: i shouldnt be meeting up with him. i should be moving on. but now that he's back... आप know how much i loved him. my bulimia could have killed victoria after he left.
S: blair calm down and tell me victoria's full name.
B:(takes a deep breath) victoria clair bass.
S: why did आप name her victoria?
B: victrola.
S: and clair?
B: it's a mixture of chuck and blair.
S: and im just guessing बास because it was her fathers last name. blair her full name is something to do with chuck या आप and chuck. आप were never over him.
B: i just cant let him back in. he didnt want her then and he wont want her now and if he would hurt her like that i couldnt bare it. victoria can not meet chuck bass.
S: blair आप never let me say one word about chuck before. so i never got to tell आप that i talked to chuck a week after आप guys broke up. he went to your apartment but आप had already gone to france to visit your father. i never seen chuck once after that and i heard from nate he moved out of manhattan.
B: he could have tried again if he really cared about us he wouldnt have stoped trying so easily. he would have known i was going to your wedding he could have came and tried to get us back then but he didnt. i for one am never going back to chuck bass. and victoria is never going to be allowed to know who he is.
S: but blair...
B: but nothing, she is not allowed to know chuck is her father.
S: blair आप know she always wanted to meet her father. i know what its like to not know आप father. to not know why he left. आप shouldnt do the same to vicky.
B: she's not allowed to know who chuck is ok serena. if you're my friend आप wont say anything.
S: my lips are sealed it's your decision. im just saying she going to grow up and she's going to want to know who he is. and she'll have a million सवालों for आप about him.
B: and i'll tell her he's a self absorbed ass.
S: आप dont even know why he told आप he cant be a father.
B: and i dont want to. Victoria we're going to my fashion store!
V: yay! can nathan come?
B: if his mother allows him to.
S: sure go have fun.
Nathan: thank आप mummy.
S: be good for auntie blair. आप have to behave because this is where she works.
Na: i know.
B: he can stay over if आप like. i might be working late.
S: no i cant let आप do that B he's really hard to settle down at night.
B: so was vicky at the start it will be fine. plus my mother is coming over tonight she'll help me with the kids. she's coming to collect vicky from the खरीडिए and back to my place so she'll bring back nathan aswell.
S: why is eleanor coming to the shop?
B: because i have a meeting with jenny about when is she going to bring in some new clothes for this season?
S: thanks B for looking after him.
B: no problem. maybe आप can have a nice warm bath.
S: oh and scented candles.
B: that sounds good. might treat myself to one after work.
S: see आप tomorrow.
B: yeah. come on kids.

Blair's store:

B: in the office.
V: ok come on nathan i have a new toy back there.
Na: ok.
D: little young to be working here dont आप think?
B: dan humphrey why do we always meet when im not in a good mood?
D: those your kids.
B: victoria is.
D: the one with the head band im guessing.
B: yes actually. the other ones serena and nate's.
D: wow victoria has your hair.
B: and unfortnatly has her fathers eyes and cheeky smirk. well i actually kind of प्यार that fact.
D: why did आप say unfortunatly?
B: because chuck left when he found out i was pregnant, but it turn out he is back in manhattan now. and serena has just told me that he had went to my apartment and i thought i had moved to france so he moved out of manhattan. and i hate chuck bass.
D: im sorry blair.
B: anyway what are आप doing here humphrey?
D: im here to buy something for my fiancee. it's her birthday अगला week.
B: this is a very expensive shop.
D: i have money. im living on the upper east side आप know.
B: what? know way.
D: yep im working for a newspaper actually im the editor of a newspaper.
B: well done humphrey. both the humphrey's are out of manhattan. would आप like to check out your sisters stuff?
D: आप sell jenny's designs?
B: yes she's a very famous fashion designer and i only have the best designer clothes in my store. plus beauty products. आप can even get आप make up done for a small cost and your nails.
D: wow. no i would like a look at another designer please. if i see another jenny humphrey डिज़ाइन in annie's closet i'll go mad.
B: what is her style? does she follow in trends?
D: she likes green.
B: great help. (rolls her eyes)
D: she likes आप mothers clothing.
B: well there आप go we'll go ove to that section and find something green (said sarcastically)

Blair receives a text:
want to get a drink tonight at that new bar and catch up- Chuck.


i'll send the limo

B:(rolls her eyes) great.
D: what?
B: mind your own humphrey.

later on at the bar:

blair enters wearing a blue स्कर्ट and white blouse.

C: हे blair.
B: hi. so what made आप want to come to this new place?
C: i bought it.
B: i should have guessed.
C:(laughs) आप look extrodanary.
B: thanks. आप dont look to bad yourself.
C: so tell me about what your doing now. im pretty sure आप not still in college.
B:(laughs) no i have a fashion/beauty store it's doing quite well actually.
C: wow i must stop द्वारा sometime.
B: sure. of course im going to have to make आप buy something.
C: i dont look good in dresses waldorf.
B:(Smiles at the fact that he called her waldorf) oh yeah बास well thats what the beauty section is for.
C:(smiles at her calling him bass)so i seen nate earlier, him and serena have been busy two children.
B: yes serena's a bit cranky now that she's coming near the end of her pregnancy. nathan's lovely though.
C: yeah i can guess the name wasnt a difficult choice.
B: we could call him nate junior.
C: has nathan got the bad drunk jean though.
B: just have to wait and see. victoria better not come घर with sick in her hair.
C: is victoria...
B: yes my daughter.
C: well lets hope for no vomit in her hair.
B:(smiles) yes या serena can wash it out.
C: want another drink?
B: umm sure one और cant hurt.
C: your only going to have two drinks.
B: well i have to be responsabil nathan and victoria are at my house and my mother, आप know how i get when im drunk.
C:(laughs) your mother will think आप gone mad. आप have to have और than two drinks.
B: are आप trying to get me drunk because if so im vomiting all over you.
C: it's a risk im willing to take.
B: but आप absolutly प्यार your hair bass. not a दिन went द्वारा did i see आप not checking it out.
C:(laughs)if आप got it flaunt it.
B: it only works if आप work it.
C: are आप saying i didnt make my hair work?
B:(bites her lip trying not to giggle) yes.
C: wow doesnt take long for क्वीन B to come out.
B: oh calm down bass. आप know i liked your hair.
C: is that so waldorf? then why did आप threaten to vomit on it?
B: because you're trying to get me drunk.
C:(takes the नींबू from the side of her glass) when life gives आप lemons man up and suck them.
B: you'll regret that chuck.
(Chuck bites the नींबू and makes a face like he's going to through up and drinks his scotch)
B: and your wrong.
C: about what?
B: when life gives आप lemons throw them at people आप dont like and run away.
C:(laughs) where did आप hear that?
B: facebook.
C: आप still go on that thing.
B: of course it's my life since gossip girl left.
C: आप know आप प्यार her.
B: as much as i कहा i hate her i do प्यार her.
C: she was part of our life since we were 12 somethings going to be missing when she eventually stopped.
B: kati and iz went into moarning on facebook.
C:(laughs)so lets catch up and stop about the past like we planned to do.
B: well what do आप want to know?
C: well tell me about things everything i missed out on.
B: आप missed out on alot chuck.
C: im so sorry blair.
B: आप want me to tell आप what आप missed out on? i'll tell you. आप missed out on your daughters birth, her first steps her first words. आप missed out on her first birthday. to much chuck.
C: im sorry.
B: आप can keep saying that chuck, but i can never fully forgive you. i nearly लॉस्ट victoria after आप left. and her first words was daddy. and आप werent even there. i was hoping आप would come back somewhere between the दिन she was born and her first birthday. and then i give up.
C: आप nearly लॉस्ट her?
B: yes because i have bulimia chuck, it's what आप overheard lily and serena talk about when your dad died.
C: blair the only reason i left manhattan was because i thought i लॉस्ट you. it's also the reason victrola was sold because it reminded me of what i could have had and what i'd lost. i didnt try to save it but even after it was sold i couldnt get over you. and seeing आप again only brought back the feelings i pushed away.
B: dont say that chuck.
C: things can go back to the way they were only me, आप and victoria.
B: no chuck! they cant आप left it to long. i have to go home.
C: im not going to stop trying to make things up to आप या get आप two back in my life.
B: well you'll have a long wait. goodbye chuck.
hope आप enjoyed it.
 प्यार story that never ends!
love story that never ends!
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blair & chuck
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Story: "A Break"

Author: Ana

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip Girl.

Summary: Two-shot. 'I think... that we should take a break.' 'What? What the hell are आप talking about?' Is she crazy या something? They are going to get married and she wants to take a break? या this is a way to tell him it's over?

Hi. This is going to be two-shot. I'll try to update my other fics soon, promise :) Oh and so no one was confused it takes place in Blair's 3rd साल of college.

Everything is great, he thinks as they lay together in his बिस्तर after hard week filled with his business meetings and her...
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Story: "Sparks"

Author: edwestwick (Ana)

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip Girl. शीर्षक is from Coldplay’s song.

Summary: „We’re inevitable Waldorf.” How they could hook up या get/stay together in each episode starting with Pilot.

So here is अगला chapter: The Wild Brunch. Sorry it’s only one chapter द्वारा week but I have my सेकंड fic too and a lot of homework and tests as it’s end of the semester. Like I wrote last time these chapters are not related and what happened in Pilot happened like in दिखाना not my पूर्व update. Btw are आप too so excited about Chuck/Bart...
continue reading...
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blair & chuck
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blair & chuck
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season 6
sneak peek
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Credit; Sonia बास
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chuck बास
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Credit; minimi980530
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