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Well, first lets start off.. fairly harsh. My mom and dad don't like LGBT+ people! They hate my friend because shes bi, kinda now! And what if they hate me for it..? What if they never प्यार me again..? What if- OKAY, To many what if's here. Anyway, moving on the the अगला reason. I'm super afraid because.. What if they don't like me anymore या think i'm weird? I only told a few people and the word hasn't reached many other people yet, I hope it don't! My brothers make rude jokes about the LGBT+ people and it just TRIGGERS me. Why not make jokes about फ्रेंड्स या being clumsy instead? अगला साल i'm probably going to get bullied in school for my sexuality. So what if I like both genders? Its life people i mean, come on! I MIGHT try and tell them sooner या later.. MAYBE.
I was in 3rd grade i use to look at girls like i wanted them so then when i got up in 4Th grade i knew i was bi cause this foster girl her name was Mia she was 12 she was bi it was like in the summer and she told me her life how she got raped and that she was bi i didn't know was bi meant but she explain it to u know i was like 8 years old and i didn't know about lesbian,or gays but then my mom found out she was gay so my mom kicked her out the house and never saw her again so i worried am i bi that girl Mia brought all that stuff in my head cause i got raped too with i was 5-8 and it was my brother who raped me so i thought again am i bi so i कहा i am i never told my mom cause she always say being gay is not in the bible now i don't know what i am even और so than when i was in 4Th grade this girl camera i liked her we was a couple in till my mom found out so then we went to the principal and she कहा it have to have a free दिन off and that is my story.
posted by glitter13
If आप don't know whether you're bi, lesbian, gay या straight. TRY choosing which gender(s) आप like the most. If आप choose girls and if you're a girl that's fine. If आप like guys और and if you're a guys that's fine also. Same thing with being a guys या girl and liking both genders, it's fine. If आप get bullied for who आप are, try to forget about it and keep your head high. I probably didn't help आप readers with finding out what gender आप are, but I want all bi, lesbian, gay and straight people to be proud of who they are and not to care about what other people think of them, and for them to stay true to themselves.