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This Bill Kaulitz चित्र contains चित्र, headshot, closeup, हेडशॉट, and क्लोज़अप. There might also be संगीत कार्यक्रम.

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Kaulitz twins at बियॉन्से Afterparty

The Kaulitz twins attended an aftershow party for a बियॉन्से concert, and presumably the concert, on May 9 in Berlin. In the article, it simply refers to as lounging on sofas. So, Here आप go, first Official picture of Tom’s new hair and apparently earrings.

So, the rumours were true.

Tom has black cornrows.

Hmm, might take some getting used to... I miss the old Tom :(

I प्यार Bill's new hair though, I do miss our little lion, but he looks hot no matter what he does to his hair!

Same goes for Tom, really, but wow.. It's gonna take a while for me to get used to..

Let me know what आप think

x x x
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