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posted by Quaila
Combing through the horrible mess left in the destructive wake of हाल का trolls, I have noticed the proffessed offence felt द्वारा certain members of फैन्पॉप द्वारा the exclusiveness of this spot, and what I want to say to आप all who felt या are feeling this offence, is I do apologise, but I also urge the parts in this conflict to moderation. Because with this level of hostility going on, we'd be soon chucking stones at each other in our private intifada. Now, that is most unpleasant right? So here's what I humbly propose:

1. Immediate and unconditional cease-fire.
2. Understandment of the fact that फैन्पॉप is open for everyone to शामिल होइए whatever spot they and their grandmothers so pleases.
3. Simultaneous understandment of the fact that there's a inherent neccess of civility, and sometimes, when it comes to certain things, it is better to be polite instead of going "fiat iustitia pereat mundus".
4. Understandment of the fact that we as the biggerstaffs have made mistakes in handling this problem, but there's no need to recruit a lynching mob.
5. Understanding that despite the fact that this spot is indeed a spot for a वृत्त of friends, we are very happy to introduce civil and friendly people who are willing to give our troubled minds a civil distance.

Finally, I present a small story:

Seneca: "Piso's justice"

In De Ira (On Anger), Book I, Chapter XVIII, Seneca tells of Gnaeus Piso, a Roman governor and lawmaker, when he was angry, ordering the execution of a soldier who had returned from a leave of absence without his comrade, on the ground that if the man did not produce his companion, he had presumably killed the latter. As the condemned man was presenting his neck to the executioner's sword, there suddenly appeared the very comrade who was supposedly murdered. The centurion overseeing the execution halted the proceedings and led the condemned man back to Piso, expecting a reprieve. But Piso mounted the tribunal in a rage, and ordered the three soldiers to be executed. He ordered the death of the man who was to have been executed, because the sentence had already been passed; he also ordered the death of the centurion who was in charge of the original execution, for failing to perform his duty; and finally, he ordered the death of the man who had been supposed to have been murdered, because he had been the cause of death of two innocent men.

In subsequent versions of this legend, this principle became known as “Piso’s justice”, which is when sentences made या carried out of retaliation the intentions are technically correct, but morally wrong, and this could be construed as a negative interpretation of the meaning of Fiat justitia ruat caelum.

However, no form of the phrase fiat justitia appears in De Ira, though Brewer's incorrectly states that it does.[4] The phrase is sometimes attributed to a different Piso, Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus, possibly a confusion with this case.

A और original version of this story, albeight unsourced, can be found here: link
This is just my opinion on the anon लेख that was पोस्टेड bashing GD. The only reason Im posting anonymously is because I dont want to ruin the friendship I have with them.

So Ill begin द्वारा sayimg this: We finally put our problems from the summer away, and if we all turn on eavh other, we're gonna bring them back and cause more.

I agreed with lots of the points आप made, but I also agreed with the comments. It is just how GD is, and thats okay. We shouldnt tell poeople to change and complain about how they are. I dont think she was deeply upset द्वारा your article,...
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Okay. I'm a Biggerstaff. And I made an Anon account because I just needed to say some thigns that can't be कहा as myself. And this account is open for any Biggerstaff to use-the पासवर्ड is the same as the one for the original Anon account.

Okay, I'd just like to say something about the "30-Day Biggerstaff Challenge" that someone came up with.

I honestly think that's a bad idea. I mean, that's basically like playing प्रिय among the Biggerstaffs.

For instance, people who aren't picked for some challenge item might get upset/be wondering, "I'm फ्रेंड्स with that person..why didn't they pick...
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He has not been going to school. He keeps अभिनय think he is sick he does not care they he will fail he does not care that he will be taken away. I just want to पंच him.......... he thinks nothing can happen he does this about 2 years पूर्व because some kid was not letting him play football but he says not one is picking on him so whats his bloody problem. We called his princible but he did not call back he कहा he help us but he is not even around. My dad he is never there so he no help. My mum she has to work alot she cant have the exra stress. All my brother cares about is his self.

sorry about the rant but i had to let it out
posted by GemonkDruid
So आप all know that I dislocated my knee a week ago.

In case आप didn't, well... I dislocated mah knee. :P I'll spare आप the gory details, but just to let आप know it's popped back into place, but I still have a torn ligament.

I got to get high on tear gas and got to ride in the रोगी वाहन, एम्बुलेंस and stayed in the hospital for 5 hours straight. And then they took X-Rays, gave me a leg splint and crutches, and dismissed me.

And today, I went back to the hospital to see the physio guy, and he कहा I had to wear the splint for another month. DAMN. DAMN. DAMMIT.

Lately, I've been missing school, because...
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posted by simpleplan
(Note: One दिन I was very bored so I wrote this story I thought आप guys would like to read it. The story will have spelling mistacks I sucks with spelling and Grammer.)

Once upone a time a monky stold Harry's Lucky Charms. Harry was mad he wanted to eat it becuse of it was the best wizarding खाना of all time but the monkey wanted to flush it down the potty. Harry chast the monkey all around the world and they can to potty city. The monkey throw the Lucky Charms it almost when in the potty intell पिकाचू saved it. Harry Potter and पिकाचू jump around becuse they got he lucky Charms but then Ash when over and kicked Harry and पिकाचू stold the Lucky Carms then ran to NeverLand.

The End XD
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posted by GemonkDruid
NOTE: If आप are sensitive with blatant racism against whites and Asians, then a. Why are आप still फ्रेंड्स with me? and b. stop पढ़ना this article. I will not deal with people being all butthurt about this.

So द्वारा now, I think आप all know that Asian parents get all uptight and pissed about grades. I mean, white parents, they don't care. They're like:

White kid: Mom I got an A
Mother: *golf clap* That's great honey! *proceeds to bake cookies*
White kid: Mom I got a B
Mother: *golf clap* That's great honey! *proceeds to bake cookies*
White kid: Mom...I got a C
Mother: ... That's great honey! *accidentally-on-purpose...
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posted by kris10853
100 Fun सवालों Survey from

Do आप sleep with your closet doors open या closed? -
Do आप take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel? -
Do आप sleep with your sheets tucked in या out? -
Have आप ever stolen a सड़क, स्ट्रीट sign before? -
Do आप like to use post-it notes? -
Do आप cut out coupons but then never use them? -
Would आप rather be attacked द्वारा a big भालू या a swarm of a bees? -
Do आप have freckles? -
Do आप always smile for pictures? -
What is your biggest pet peeve? -
Do आप ever count your steps when आप walk? -
Have आप ever peed in the woods? -
What about pooped...
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द्वारा KatrinDepp on यूट्यूब This is my favorte HP tribute.
हैरी पॉटर
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