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Chapter One, Ninja Turtles
Carlos's P.O.V

Los Angelos, California.

People call it the City of Angels. The City where everything happens. Where everybody who's anybody live. The city of dreams, hopes, and desire. If आप can make it here, आप can make it anywhere. Well, it's partially true. A few months back me and my फ्रेंड्स use to have dreams of this place. Making it big! But now that we have, we've kind of realized that Hollywood is like any other town. I mean, yeah, there's the glitz and glamour. But when आप look past it all, normal.

Does that make sense?

Right now I stood on the balcony outside...
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प्यार it when carlos says that was weird
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talking tom
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-Plamwoods: Park-
James: Well, Hello Valley!
Bailey; Its Bailey! Duh! -leaves-
James: ugh! I am very Stupid
Erin: no Your Not. -smiles flirty-
James:-looks up- ERIN! -he picks her up and kisses her-
Erin; James!
James: Kept Spinning her around-
James: Oh, Sorry -he chuckled-
Erin: Nah, Its okay
James: oh! -sees His 3 band mates and There Girlfriends-
Kendall: Erin! Erin Valley's! Is That You
Erin:Yep it Is!
Kendall: wow! Its been 4 Years.
Erin:Yeah, I am Auditioning For A Role For " Princess Beauty" Of Course I am Beauti-Ful!
Kendall and The Band:Yes Of Course
Jo:Clears her throat...
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Let's Go!
Big Time!
Merry क्रिस्मस everybody..

Put down video games
Pick up some कैन्डी canes
And hang a wreath on your door
Give back to those in need
Bring peace and harmony
Cause that's what क्रिस्मस is for

And this Christmas, this Christmas
We'll celebrate a wonderful year
ooh this Christmas, this Christmas
We'll decorate the halls with प्यार and cheer

We can make a beautiful Christmas
We can make the world shine bright
As long as फ्रेंड्स and family are with us
Every तारा, स्टार will shine tonight
We can make it beautiful this Christmas
We can make it beautiful this Christmas
We can make it beautiful...
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Wait a मिनट before आप tell me anything
How was your day?
'Cause I been missing
आप द्वारा my side, yeah

Did I awake आप out of your dream?
I'm sorry but I couldn't sleep
आप calm me down
There's something about the sound of your voice

I, I, I, I never, never, never
As far away as it may seem no never
Soon we'll be together
We'll pick up right where we left off

Paris, London, Tokyo
It's just one thing that I gotta do
Hello, tuck आप in every night on the phone
Hello, tuck आप in every night

And I can hardly take another goodbye
Baby, won't be long
You're the one that I'm waiting on
Hello, tuck you...
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