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This बिग टाइम रश वॉलपेपर contains पैंट लेग and pantleg. There might also be लंबी पतलून, लंबे पैंट, लंबे पतलून, लंबी पैंट, bellbottom पतलून, घंटी पैंदा, bellbottom पैंट, बेलबोटम पतलून, घंटी के नीचे, बेलबोटम पैंट, बेल पैंदा, ढीला पतलून, and ढीला.

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Nickelodeon super-band, Big Time Rush, (in a desperate attempt to reach a new audience) will be joining forces with Beyoncé Giselle Knowles to create "Irreplaceable Night," in addition to some other new songs. The idea is the same as when Justin Bieber teamed up with Timberlake to create their album. The artists take the names of their songs, and combine them into new songs. The rest of the titles on the album are still under wraps, but Big Time Rush's James Maslow was here to let us in on five.

"We're super excited to be working with Beyonce. Before recording our tracks, we played some scrabble, saw 'Paul', and I even exchanged some hair tips with her."

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