The blood stained the दीवार as Beyond Birthday slashed the poor man's throat, spraying the walls and his clothes. He felt the damp stickyness soak through his कमीज, शर्ट and smile evilly. She'll प्यार this, he wonder what she's doing now. Perhaps waiting for him to come back, to taste the blood on his skin, या she's out killing her own victim, having blood spashed on her own body. The thought made him shiver from pleasure.
He was so लॉस्ट in his own thoughts he didn't notice the man crawling away from him at first, when he did he frowned slightly, then grabbed the man द्वारा his hair pulling him up,
"Aren't आप enjoying yourself?" B purred in his ear. He was answered द्वारा a small sob from the victim. B finally got bored with the game he was playing and broke the man's neck. He turned to leave when he saw a glint on the mantle, a diamond ring sat proudly in a black box. B smiled horridly, an engagement ring for a beautiful girl? Not anymore. He grabbed the ring to give to his own darling, his beautiful girl, his forever. Because प्यार has no boundaries

A/N: I might make this an actual story if people like it