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death eater
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posted by Lord-Voldemort
BellaTheNutcase said:
Actually, hre it says आप ARE a प्रशंसक of be, but thats beside the point.

I came here to talk to आप peafully and everything.

So, first, what do आप think should happen??

lol, im not sure how to start a conversation w/ आप guys but anyways yah we should talk.

you guys seem pretty pissed at me for some reason, so yeah why i guess?

Lord-Voldemort: We're pissed because आप speak of inappriate, unrelated things and you're rude to EVERYONE on the Bella Lestrange Spot. We've asked आप countless times to stop and आप NEVER listen. I've approached आप many times asking आप to chose...
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the deathly hallows
part 2
behind the scenes
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