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posted by bellathorne1
Cece Jones is played द्वारा Bella Thorne,and Rockey Blue is played द्वारा Zendaya.In this T.V. दिखाना Cece is not a very smart person,a dancer on shake it up,a friend of rockeys,a little bro named flynn,a cop as a mom ,and very fashionable funky and fun girl.Rockey is a friend of Cece,smart,a dancer on shake it up, has a older bro named Ty,and a mom hairstylest.Cece and Rockey's enemy's are Gunther and Tinka.they are foran echange student's.Plus they go to school with them.They have a friend named duce.he also goes to the same school.Cece and Rockey are both 13.

hope आप liked it!!!!
posted by bellathorne1
shake it up is an American televishion sitcom airing on डिज़्नी channel,in the U.S.the series premiered on November 7 2010.It was created द्वारा Chris Thompson and staring bella thorne and Zendaya,the दिखाना follows the adventures of Cece Jones and Rockey blue as they तारा, स्टार as backround dancers on a local T.V. दिखाना shake it up chicago. It also chronicles their misadventures on and off set. Their troubles and rising social status at school.Davis Cleveland,Roshon Fegan,Adam Irigoryen,and Kenton duty also co-star in the series.The show'soriginal concept was for डिज़्नी channel to createa femail buddy comedy,only with a dance aspect.The dance consept is डिज़्नी channels third originalseries,after the famous Jet Jackson and Soney with a Chance,to use a दिखाना within a show.:}