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 Bella& Taylor Lautner
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Ty's POV

I woke up and as soon as I turned my head my neck hurt. I was about to get up, when I realized Cece was in my arms. We were on the couch. We must of fell asleep. She had her head on my chest and was curled into a ball. While I was leaning against the couch. Great I fell asleep sitting up.

"CeCe." I whispered into her ear. She moved slightly, but was still asleep. "Cece!" I कहा louder. This time she woke up blinking rapidly and stretched her arms, almost whacking me in the face.

"Morning." She greeted as she yawned.

"Morning." I replied as she sat up. I looked down at my phone. "It's eight...
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Cece's POV

I looked at my phone. It was two in the morning. I sighed. Rocky was snoring on the floor in her sleeping bag. I crawled out of my sleeping bag. And tiptoed out of my room and quietly walked through the hallway and sat down on the couch. And I started to type up a message on my phone.

Ty, u up?~CeCe

Soon my phone beeped.

Yeah, couldn't sleep-Mr. Ladies' man

I laughed at his signature. What a dweeb. Before आप know it, he'll start गाना with Tinka and Gunther's parents. Oh that brings back memories.

Me neither ~CeCe

Aren't u & rocky having a sleepover-Mr. Ladies' man

Yeah she fell...
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