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posted by zutaradragon
(i think i'm gonna हटाइए 2 having a 1st person point of veiw. tell me if i should go back 2 the other way)
-4 years later-
"got'cha" i said, feeling pleased with myself. this was the 6th deer that i'd caught this week, after the pack 2 moved 2 Minnesota. i was almost happy 2 b back home...ALMOST.
"nice catch." Lance walked up behind me and looked at the deer. "u sure u weren't a werewolf b4?" he joked, and we both laughed.
Lance was the new alpha now, since Dray died b4 they moved. i, of corse, had (unwillingly, but i had 2) suggested the move. i couldn't just let the pack starve! that would...
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posted by zutaradragon
-the अगला day-
getting as far away from here was james' only ojective as he ran. he wanted 2 get 2 detroit, but he had no idea y. detroit was the 1st place that came 2 his mind, and that's where he would go. He came up with an anwser 2 the question, 2, and it was yes. he wanted his dad gone and out of his life. in fact, he would have left when his mom died, anyway. but then kar- would have had 2 deal with him. no, it's better this way. besides, he would have just found some other girl 2 marry and beat her and karrin twice as bad, cuz he wouldn't b there. no, he was GLAD he ended this thing befor...
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posted by zutaradragon
"what did u DO!?"
"i didn't...i...i..." james studdered.
"shut up!!!" his father yelled, punching him in the face. he falls 2 the floor, holding his face where his father hit him, and started crying. wether it was because he was only 10 and his mother had just had a दिल attack and died right in front of him, या because his father blamed him 4 every thing and had just hit him 4 it, he wasn't sure. 'at least karrin and sarrena aren't here.' he thought. kar- was only 2, but she already had some brusis from there father. but, fortunatly, they were at one of there mother's friend's houses. sarrena...
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