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 Erika concept art
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Source: Barbie's official Instagram
concept art
rock n royals
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The अगला दिन the four musketeers went to talk with Monsieur Treville.Ellinor,Karolina and Devonne were at Renee's house playing with Bernadette.
"Bye girls!Have a good time.We'll come as soon as we can!"said Renee and they then she and her फ्रेंड्स left her house.
"You know,I have a strange feeling about that.We never left them alone.What if something happens to them"said Aramia.
"Aramina,they're in my house not in the center of the town"said Renee.
"Ok,ok forget I कहा this."said Aramina.
They reached the musketeers training place.
"Monsieur Treville!!"said Corinne.
"Your highness!"said he.
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