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 Tori. Just Tori.
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Don't know if it's here, but still, she's too perfect to be not uploaded.
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princess tori
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This बार्बी चित्र contains गाउन. There might also be रात के खाने के कपड़े, रात के खाने के गाउन, औपचारिक, शाम गाउन, डिनर ड्रेस, डिनर गाउन, रात का खाना पोशाक, रात के खाने का गाउन, balldress, बाल्डडार्ड, दुल्हन का गाउन, शादी का गाउन, शादी की पोशाक, and दुल्हन गाउन.

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बार्बी and her sisters in a टट्टू tale
संगीत video

I remember how happy I was when I found out The Nutcracker is not the only बार्बी movie, that there will be a lot of them. As a kid, I of course knew Rapunzel story, but I don't think I ever saw any movie adaptation of it until my mom bough me बार्बी version. To this day, I still think it's probably the best adaptation of this fairytale. But was the सेकंड बार्बी movie as good as the first one for me? Well, time for review. The cover for Rapunzel movie is simple, but once again, it has a very classic feeling. I प्यार Rapunzel's picture on it and while I don't think it's as amazing looking...
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