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 Protagonists together
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Source: बार्बी a Fashion fairytale official संगीत video
Alecia wears her glasses in all time...
बार्बी a fashion fairytale
aunt millie
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Technically it is awful. But what about idea? Please टिप्पणी दे because I first made such things like this.
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In a new बार्बी Movie, Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess. Mariposa, the तितली Fairy has become the Royal Historian of Flutterfield! She’s sent as Ambassador to Shimmervale, a faraway kingdom, to make peace with the crystal परियों that live there. In Shimmervale, Mariposa befriends Princess Catania™, a crystal fairy who hasn’t flow in many years. Instead, she flies through her kingdom with the help of a beautiful flying friend - Sophie, the Pegasus! The winged horse draws Princess Catania’s chariot through the skies, until Catania conquers her fears and flies on her own again.
Well I've been waiting all year
Just for this दिन to get here
And I’ve been learning
Nothing goes exactly like आप plan

Yeah I’ve been flying so low
Wishing I was in SoHo
I thought I’d be a no go for this show
But here I am

You might have seen me checking out
What’s underneath that tree
But I have realized that there
Is just one gift for me

It's a perfect Christmas
It's a perfect Christmas
It's a perfect Christmas
'Cause I'm with you

The ornaments are rocking
Somebody चुरा लिया my stocking
I think I threw out all my gift cards
With the recycling

The क्रिस्मस lights are tangled
The mistletoe got mangled
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