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Source: बार्बी a Fashion fairytale official संगीत video
Alecia wears her glasses in all time...
बार्बी a fashion fairytale
aunt millie
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Do The Mermaid lyrics
Do The Mermaid...
Everybody Jump, Jump right in.. Hula with the flow and then shimmy with the swim, Oh yeah !!
Do the mermaid hey-ey...
Grab your nose, स्नोर्कल down All the pretty mermaid girl are dancing all around Yeah Yeah !
Do the mermaid Hey-ey ...
Now everybody make the नाव rock,rock,rock..
Everybody make the नाव rock,rock,rock,rock,flip..
Do the surf girl,
Do the surf girl..
Everybody drop, drop right in..
Join the party wave and take a कछुआ, कछुए for a spin...
Oh yeah, Do the surf girl...
Now everybody nose,nose right down..
All the pretty surfer girls are dancing all...
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