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I decided to rewatch all बार्बी फिल्में and write reviews for them. Obviously, I wanted to start with this one because it was the first बार्बी movie I saw as a kid. Everything in review below is my opinion only and you're welcome to have a different one. I also wanted to say in advance, English is not my first language so I am sorry for any mistakes. Before I start the review of the movie, I wanted to say a few words about its original cover. I प्यार it. I think it's very simple, but also very classic. Clara look extremaly beautiful on it. I remember when I saw it as a kid, I fall in प्यार with it in seconds. What's your opinion on it? Now, let's start with the review.


बार्बी in the Nutcracker was the first movie in the franchise and it was probably made on the budget lower than the अगला movies. I've read several opinions according to which it is the weakest बार्बी movie when it comes to animation. I don't agree with that, but I can see why some people think that way. Watching the movie, आप just see it's not that detailed. But for me it has its charm and I can't imagine this movie in any other animation. Locations in this production are wonderful and I especially प्यार what they did with colours. I प्यार the colour contrasts in this movie, from dark but warm Clara's home, to cold places covered in snow and finally my favourite, the bright and jolly Sugar बेर Princess' island and the place where Clara and Eric picked apples. Clara looked so amazing in these scenes. All the characters in the movie have very unique डिज़ाइन but Clara is my favourite. I think this is the movie that बार्बी looked the most like Barbie. She looks just like doll, extremaly beautiful. And can I just say her डिज़ाइन as Sugar बेर Princess is probably my favourite hairstyle and dress बार्बी wore in any movie? It looks so pretty! Designs for Parthenia are simple, but it works here, since they are simply beautiful. 9/10


I can't be the only person who thinks that Nutcracker is on totally higher level than other बार्बी movies? I प्यार the story it is based on, and while it is in no way faithful adaptation, I think the बार्बी version is even better. I am grateful for the changes they made, because it is my favourite adaptation of that tale/ballet ever. In the entire movie, I won't be able to pick even one scene that would bore me. I can watch this movie thousand times and it is always interesting and enjoyable for me. I प्यार the morals of the story and how they are delivered. Somehow this movie also feels और mature for me than the others. I also really प्यार how relationships in this movie are written. Clara and Eric are quite possible my favourite बार्बी couple. Well, I will decide on that after I rewatch all the movies. There were some missing elements in the plot that I feel could make the movie better, but I will talk और about it in the अगला section. Honestly, I can't imagine the better start for the बार्बी movie series than this. 9/10


I प्यार Clara. The movie doesn't have a quote, but its lesson is that if you're kind, clever, ब्रेव and true, anything is possible, and I think Clara's example teaches that lesson very good. My favourite Clara's moments are when she is left on the island alone and now everything depends on her. I think she really proves herself as the wonderful heroine. One thing I would like to see though, were her feelings about leaving family behind, when she decided to stay in Parthenia. Eric is another great character. I wish they would दिखाना him as the unresponsible prince, his development would seem even better than. माउस King is a great villain, as he really give me that dangerous feeling. Pimm is really funny and he together with Clara's brother Tommy are two characters I would like to know और about. However, characters who totally चुरा लिया the दिखाना are Major Mint and Captain कैन्डी and I think I am not the only one with that opinion. I would gladly watch another movie about them. हे Mattel, where is Nutcracker's sequel? Well, maybe it's better if they don't make one. 8/10


Well, what can I say, the संगीत is gorgeous. The Nutcracker ballet संगीत is so beautiful. I can listen to it for hours. लेखन this, I actually decided I will listen it for sleep tonight, ha ha. My favourite track is when Eric and the Sugar बेर Princess dance before her return to home, and of course the moment when they are separated. I always cry during that part, the संगीत is so emotional. 10/10


Instead of weird dances from Mariposa & The Fairy Princess, the Nutcracker gave us wonderful dance sequences. The ballet scenes shown after माउस King's defeat are beautiful, they are so amazing to watch. I rewatched that scene so many times. Once again, Clara and Eric's dance part was my favourite. I also प्यार the subtle scenes in which faeries try to make Clara dance. 10/10

CONCLUSION: Absolutely Fantastic

It is not my favourite बार्बी movie, but I think it's only because I can relate to some other फिल्में more. However, I truly believe बार्बी in the Nutcracker is the franchise's biggest masterpiece. Everything about this movie, whether it's script, संगीत या characters, is absolutely wonderful and I can't imagine anyone who would not like this movie. Even though I have a big sentiment for this movie, I believe my highly positive opinion about it is in no way biased. Before this review, I haven't watched this movie for a very long time and I was afraid it will be a little boring for me now, but once again I was surprised to enjoy it as much as I did when I was a kid. Now I actually want to rewatch it tomorrow, and probably दिन after tomorrow. Hope आप enjoyed my review and will check the अगला one.
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