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The संगीत video teaser for their शीर्षक track "Lonely" was already released in anticipation for when 'Who Am I' hits stores on January 13.

As seen in the track सूची below, Jinyoung composed 6 songs, including the शीर्षक track, while CNU composed 2. Take a look at the full details below!

01. "Intro - Prologue"
[Composed and Arranged द्वारा Jinyoung, Good Guy]
02. "Lonely"
[Composed द्वारा Jinyoung / Lyrics द्वारा Jinyoung, Baro / Arranged द्वारा Jinyoung, Perfume]
03. "Love Then" feat. Harim
[Composed and Lyrics द्वारा Jinyoung / Arranged द्वारा Jinyoung, Good Guy]
04. "Amazing"
[Composed द्वारा Price, Timothy James / Lyrics by...
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