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I guess this is 1 too.
hayate no gotoku!
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* Name: Ayumu "hamster" Nishizawa
* Age: 16
* Height: 162cm
* Weight: 47kg
* Blood type: A
* Birthday: May 15

Ayumu Nishizawa (西沢 歩, Nishizawa Ayumu) is a girl from Hayate's school before he became a butler. She always had feelings for Hayate and is happy when he pays his old school a visit. She violently lashes out at anyone who badmouths her and Hayate, including a teacher who called Hayate a dropout because his parents had refunded all his school fees the दिन Hayate was sold. She confesses her feelings to Hayate, but Hayate rejects them after getting a vision of Nagi. Undeterred, she tries...
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