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Zutara- Listen to yout दिल

When you're gone-Zutara

Zutara-What Hurts The Most

Zutara - Guardian एंजल

Zutara-You Belong With Me

Teardrops on My Guitar-Zutara

kataang प्यार the way आप lie

Sokka On Cactus रस

अवतार - Me Against the World - Simple Plan

[The Gaang] could really use a wish right now.

अवतार AMV [Not Afraid]

Avatar: The Last Airbender - My First किस

Avatar-Marching on


अवतार -All The Right Moves

अवतार -Only Human

Sokka & Yue - You'll be in my दिल

Azula - I will survive

Sukka - White flag

Mini अवतार

Avatar- Send it On

अवतार Couple Themes (Sokkue,TyLuko,Taang,Sukka,Zutara)

The journey of Aang

The boys are back

better dance now

Zuko's dance lesson


Taang XD


XD pinkey and the brain

Bring me to life <3

My happy ending

अवतार GF

All तारा, स्टार Sokka

अवतार - Let's Get it Started

अवतार Names

Azula- Everybody's Fool


So आप Think आप Can Dance अवतार Style

Toph-Dear Mom and Dad

"Suki Possible" (Avatar/ Kim Possible crossover)

Shut Up! (Zuko and Azula)

Zuko and Azula -I Want it All

अवतार -We're all in this together

Comic Relief दिन

अवतार Season 3 Finale Trailer- Backwards!

Last Agni Kai-Backwards

I wish I could save आप [Kataang]

अवतार - Hero (really cool)

Toph - Numb

Aang: It's My Life

अवतार - Series Finale Trailer

Losing आप - अवतार

अवतार girls (REALLY REALLY cool)

Rise of the अवतार

Avatar-Epic Video

Flames and Hurricanes

GIANT MUSHROOM!!! (Sparta Remix Style)

अवतार gang one big family- Phil Collins: Welcome

Avatar: On My Way

अवतार is Burning Up

Zuko's Not So Great दिन Out

अवतार - Destiny (Trailer)

My Chance (Zuko and Sokka)

Pumpin' up the Party~ अवतार Style!!!

अवतार Agents

Azula XD

अवतार चीपमक, चिपमंक style

Avatar-I'll be there for you(F-R-I-E-N-D-S)

अवतार - Mine

अवतार : The Last Airbender - Story so far... A Tribute

Elemental masters-amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I don't like JB that much but this is Never say never and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

New moon trailer- this is AMAZING

Avatar- Run this town

The Zutara children

the last airbender movie review parody

Eclipse Trailer-Avatar

मकड़ी man 2-avatar style

मकड़ी man 3- अवतार style

अवतार Mama mia.........Avatar style

Aang sings the water buffalo song

Aang sings about hairbrushs

Sokka sings about monkys

Kataang moment

Until आप प्यार - Kataang

**Avatar The Last Airbender's Prelude 12/21**

Stream Of Life - Avatar: The Last Airbender

~Never Coming Back~

Avatar- Wizard Angst


Katara- the gypsy woman

Avatar- Numb

अवतार - Airplanes MEGA MEP

Accidentally in प्यार - अवतार

Aang and the Turkey बत्तख, बतख

अवतार The Last Airbender-Happy Happy Joy Joy

Zuko & The आग Nation - Burn - Alkaline Trio

Does Your Mother Know Aang?

Our last summer - अवतार