अवतार द लास्ट ऐर्बेन्डर हैलोवीन costumes I think the अवतार characters would wear; which do आप like best? (Full विवरण in comments.)

Pick one:
Aang: Voldemort
Katara: A Black Cat या A Witch
Toph: Creepy Lolita या A Twisted Fairy Tale Character
Sokka: Wang आग या A खाना Item
Azula: One of the आग Zodiac Signs (Aries, Leo, etc.)
Mai: The Mother Of Faces
TyLee: A Cheerleader
Zuko: Cybergoth Superhero
Iroh: He's either a cute Panda या The Headless Horseman
Lo & Li: फ्रेड & George Weasley या Demons
Ozai: Vampire
June: Shirshu
Suki: The Moon
Yue: A Full Moon
Ursa: She dresses as her other persona, Noriko
Tom-Tom: Cute Pumpkin/Blue Spirit
Cabbage Merchant: Just dresses in a tuxedo
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