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 अवतार Azula Cosplay Costume
अवतार द लास्ट ऐर्बेन्डर
cosplay costume
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This अवतार द लास्ट ऐर्बेन्डर चित्र contains surcoat and सुरकोट. There might also be टैबर्ड, dashiki, daishiki, दश्की, and डेशिकी.

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The अवतार is a powerful being who has been

reincarnated over many lifetimes. It is the

Avatar's duty to master all four elements, and to

use that power to keep balance amongst the four

nations. The Avatars follow a cycle, so when an

Avatar dies the spirit is reborn the अगला nation

in the cycle: It goes Water, Earth, Fire, and

Air. There can only be one अवतार at a time. The

Avatar also possesses the ability to meditate

into the Spirit World. They are also able to

contact the spirits of पूर्व Avatars through

meditation and gain wisdom from them. The अवतार

can also enter what is called "the...
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posted by greenstergirl
"UUUUUUggggghhhh!!!!" screamed katara.

"Aang will आप go get some rags please?" asked gran gran. "aang? oh, aang? earth to aang?"

"AANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Katara. "I AM GIVING BIRTH TO TWINS AND आप ARE IN A TRANCE SO ANWSER MY GRANDMOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Ok ok! i was thinking about ways i could commit suicide if आप died having our children. sorry."

"SAY WHAT?!!!?!!?!!"

"OK i'm going."

Katara and Aang have been married for two years and were having there first children. The good thing was that they were in Ba Sing Sa and that gran gran had come to help. The bad thing?...
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