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 अवतार Zuko Cosplay Costume
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cosplay costume
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This अवतार द लास्ट ऐर्बेन्डर चित्र might contain surcoat, सुरकोट, and टैबर्ड.

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First of all, I'd like to warn anyone who doesn't like Kataang to kindly leave. Second, I would like to announce that I'M BACK, and I'll be coming back on a regular basis. So, enjoy my first story since a साल an a half ago:

Aang sat on his bed, trying to read under the dim light of a single candle. He couldn’t. Not because of the dim light, but because he couldn’t stop thinking about Katara and the किस he and she shared on the balcony of Iroh’s teashop earlier that evening. Eventually, he got frustrated and put his scroll down. He sat there, letting his mind take him away.

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Before anything else is stated I want it to be known that I do प्यार both Azula and Zuko; so no this isn't gonna be a Zuko hate/bash Zuko article.

So instead of getting straight into the actual matter of the agni kai, I'd like to go over why I think Azula in general is और powerful than Zuko. This I will post from an older लेख (so if आप read this one आप may as well just scroll down lol); First and foremost, the obvious; Azula has Blue आग (supposedly hotter than any other fire) on the show. This is something unique to Azula and Azula alone. Where as Bloodbending is not unique to Katara....
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