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 Zuko and Azula
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I feel as though a lot of people are under the impression that Ozai treated Azula nicely. Yes he did indeed buy her all these nice things but at the end of the दिन she was pretty much just a pawn to him. Azula may have had her father's respect, but it didn't seem like she had his love.

While yes--as far as we know--Ozai never put his hands on Azula, the verbal abuse was apparent. She is afraid of him. Whist we haven't really seen him abuse her verbally I think it was hinted when he yelled at her before declaring himself the phoenix king. I also couldn't imagine he let her down easy behind the...
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So as a multi-shipper who ships my प्रिय character with pretty much everyone I felt like typing up a thing about it. This is not in any particular order (I didn't order it प्रिय to least प्रिय nor the reverse). That said;


I can actually get on bored with this one. I sort of have this zanhar's rules of shipping and one of those things are; if they're फ्रेंड्स it's shippable. This one is in fact less of a crack ship to me. Like I can actually take it seriously. I can't exactly explain why though. I think it's centered around the whole betray thing--fics where the two of them work...
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