So this is my opinion on who are the most beautiful girls in Avatar: Last Airbender, which is my favourite Tv दिखाना ever; I just think the characters and the storyline, and art, is absolutely spectacular. This is a सूची of the चोटी, शीर्ष ten most beautiful, in my opinion, ranking them in order of how beautiful they actually are. It may seem silly that I am ranking cartoon characters in how beautiful they are, but I just had the great desire to do this, because truthfully I had nothing else to actually do, and found it interesting to post my opinion of the most beautiful female characters of my favourite show, and such, and I was also inspired द्वारा another user to actually do this. So I believe I have gotten rather a bit off topic, and therefore I suppose we should now get onto the list:

No.10: Jin. I've got to admit Jin is rather pretty, but she sadly doesn't seem to be able to surpass the other girls in beauty. I find her appearance to be far too goofy, her hairstyle messy and unrefined, however she does have rather beautiful green eye,
No.9: Young Hama. I think Hama was quite pretty when she was young, (she only became ugly when she got old); when young she had: pretty eyes, pale and rather flawless skin, and such..
No. 8: Young Ta Min. She became Roku's wife, and I've got to admit she was quite beautiful when she was young; having such lush skin, but however she does appear to have a sort of mark bellow the eye, delicate grey eye, long lustrous hair, and such.
No. 7: Ty Lee. I know she is rather pretty, however I do not think she is very much so; her face I find is far to squashed and baby-ish, her eyes far too big for her face, but she does still have flawless, lush skin, and a rather sexy body.
No. 6: Song. Song is a rather beautifully cute girl; having perfect pale skin, big grey eyes, with lustrous brown hair, and such a nice dress. The only mare of her beauty is however a bad, burnt scar on her leg, but I doubt that is much.
No. 5: Mai. Some people may find her rather plain, but I think her face is rather pretty, having a sharp delicacy to it, her skin flawlessly pale and lush, her hair unique and long, and such; her movements are so graceful and tranquil.
No. 4: Suki. She is rather beautiful, with such perfect and slightly tanned skin; having eyes like a dark ocean; with plump pink/light-red lips; her hair so wavy and clean.
No. 3: Princess Yue. She is a young beauty, with such lovely, lustrous and delicate white hair, her eyes like the light sky, with lips a plump pink; her skin a tanned and flawless. A gem of the Northern Watertribe
No. 2: Katara. आप maybe surprised she isn't No. 1. Anyway Katara is very beautiful; her eyes so large and like a warm ocean; her hair long and silky; her skin so flawless and tanned; her cuteness. In my opinion she's been beat to 1 द्वारा just a hair.
No. 1: Princess Azula. She is a very beautiful Azure star, glowing above the rest, a true diamond of the आग nation; her eyes like pools of molten gold; her skin so perfect and lush; her lips such a vibrant crimson; not a strand out of place.