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I have included Three Extremes because it is a nifty
cross-Asia Portmanteau film featuring three films from
different countries in Asia – Dumplings, directed by
Fruit Chan (Hong Kong), Cut, directed द्वारा Park Chan-
Wook (S Korea) and Box, directed द्वारा Takashi Miike
In Dumplings, an actress is terrified that she is getting
old and losing her looks. She goes for a cure to a
woman who cooks her dumplings which contain a
remarkable rejuvenation ingredient. The ingredient is
sinister but the actress will do anything to retain her
In Cut, a psychotic extra from a film set holds the
director and...
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Lee Geum-ja served a lengthy prison sentence for the
murder of a young school boy Won-mo. the case is a
national sensation due to the lurid nature of the murder
and Lee Geum-ja’s young age at the time of the crime.
Due to her kindness and good deeds in prison, her
sentence is reduced. She is innocent of the murder –
forced into confessing द्वारा Mr Baek – the real killer who
threatened to kill her newborn daughter.
Once out of prison, Geum-ja calls on favours from
prison inmates for food, shelter and weapons. She also
secures a job in a pastry shop. To distance herself from
her kindly image she tarts...
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