आर्थर और ग्वेन Season 5 episode contest: Round 3: Vote for your LEAST favorite.

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5x10 The Kindness of Strangers
5x11 The Drawing of the Dark
5x07 A Lesson in Vengeance
5x13 The Diamond of the दिन Part 2
5x06 The Dark Tower
5x01 Arthur's Bane Part 1
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5x02 Arthur's Bane Part 2
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5x04 Another's Sorrow
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5x08 The Hollow क्वीन
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5x09 With All My दिल
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5x12 The Diamond of the दिन Part 1
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afirewiel picked 5x10 The Kindness of Strangers:
Eliminated: Round 1- 5x05 The Disir
Round 2- 5x03 The Death Song of Uther Pendragon
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