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Cult box -The diamond of the day, part-one- teasers.


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Lucerne28 said:
The epic fifth series of fantasy drama Merlin continues on BBC One next weekend and high in the mountains, a great horde gathers; Morgana prepares for war with a vengeful Mordred at her side.

Merlin feels the weight of his destiny like never before as the ancient prophecies play out with terrifying accuracy. But before he can save his beloved Camelot, he must save himself. For it is not just the kingdom Morgana wishes to destroy – it is also Emrys.

'The Diamond of the Day (Part One)' airs at 7.55pm on Saturday 22 December on BBC One. To whet your appetite, here are ten teasing lines of dialogue from the episode...

» ‘We cannot hold them! Sound the retreat! Send word to Camelot!’

» ‘If I’d wanted him dead, I’d have put a sword in his gut.’

» ‘I will not humiliate myself before you.’

» ‘I thought all such creatures were destroyed in the Great Purge?’

» ‘There’s no disgrace for a servant to lose to his King.’

» ‘Indulge me.’

» ‘Don’t worry, Merlin knows what he’s doing.’

» ‘Enjoy this moment Merlin, while it lasts.’

» ‘We cannot save everyone Arthur, no matter how much we may wish it.’

» ‘Face me!’

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