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This अरियाणा ग्रांडे चित्र contains सीमा टोपी तस्वीर, स्नैप ब्रिम टोपी, स्नैप सीमा टोपी, अभियान टोपी, फेडोरा, महसूस किया टोपी, homburg, स्टेटसन, trilby, टोपी, होम्बर्ग, स्टेट्सन, त्रिलबी, fedora, लगा टोपी, and stetson. There might also be पोशाक टोपी, उच्च टोपी, ओपेरा टोपी, रेशम टोपी, चिमनी, शीर्ष टोपी, अव्वल, ऊदबिलाव, स्टोवपाइप, टॉपर, बीवर, ड्रेस अप टोपी, stovepipe, मज्जा टोपी, मज्जा हेलमेट, सूरज हेलमेट, टोपी, पीथ हैट, पेथ हेल्मेट, सन हेलमेट, सूर्य हेलमेट, topee, and topi मज्जा.

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Ariana Grande Thinks You’re Good Enough | InStyle
अरियाणा ग्रांडे
Driving down Sunset on a Saturday night
It’s getting kinda crazy under the lights
And we don’t care where we’re passing our time
There’s one for me and there’s one for you
Watching those LA boys go through


Looking so hot down in Hollywood
आप know they got, got the goods
So lets give it up for those LA boys
Riding the waves up in Malibu
They really get, get to you
So lets give it up for those LA boys
Give it up, आप don’t have no choice
Give it up, give it up for the LA Boys
West side, east side, everywhere between
Southsides jamming, filling up with glee
Flipping a skateboard, I learn their speach
LA boys, come play with me
Turn it up, Turn it up
And come play with me.


I put your number in my phone
Maybe I’ll call आप maybe not
What are आप doing all alone
दिखाना me what आप got boy (x3)


Give it up for the LA boys (x6)
So give it up for the LA boys
What we gotta do right here is go back, back to the top.

I प्यार the way आप make me feel
I प्यार it, I प्यार it
I प्यार the way आप make me feel
I प्यार it, I प्यार it

Say, I’m thinking ’bout her every second, every hour
Do my गाना in the shower
Picking petals off the फूल like
Do she प्यार me, do she प्यार me not? (love me not)
I ain’t a player, I just crush a lot (crush a lot)

You give me that kind of something
Want it all the time, need it everyday
On a scale of one to ten I’m at 100
Never get enough, I can’t stay away

If आप want it, I got it, I got it everyday
You can get whatever आप need from...
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