Note: Yes, this may be 2 months late, but I really like to tell आप my put on Ariana's video "Problem"

Since Problem is number 2 on the summer Billboard Charts, I've decided to write a review. Enjoy!

First, Ill start off with the song itself. I प्यार this song, its a go-to for parties. Now the video.

Based on the song, I was expecting the video to be और of a story. I was quiet disappointed to see all it was is singing, dancing and very dizzy circles going round and round.

As everybody could tell, the lip sinc was off. Some people also noticed how Ariana seemed like she was basically screaming. So it seems, but its not. Ariana naturally has a loud गाना voice, and it doesn't make a difference.

Big Sean. There's nothing really to review about him. All he is doing is whispering "I got one less problem without ya!". He would usually rap, but Iggy चुरा लिया that place. Oh well!

Iggy, being her usual strong self. Rapping her voice away, and her rap was okay. I just wish she didn't use lines like "Iggy Iggy Iggy to biggy..."

Next, the overuse of circles and effects are just way. too. much. I don't know how Ariana and Iggy can do it. I suggest not looking at it for way to long...

But, this is a super upbeat song that tweens, teens, and adults can enjoy! This tune will be one of the best of the summer!

I give Problem 4 stars!