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posted by Lizzy-ILoveJB
Aqua, firstly, was NOT a weakling! Her main powers were being able to control water, fly, turn invisible, charm and is smart.

Her other powers were talking to जानवर and being able to control them, turn into living things like trees या other hedgehogs या creatures and tell other's futures.

Her weaknesses are: Spike and Cherie.

She is a straight-forward little hedgehog who is always looking for trouble and acts like the leader of the group when Spike is.

She is 20 and in human form 18.
added by Lizzy-ILoveJB
posted by Lizzy-ILoveJB
Most people thought that she was just a little hedgehog with a temper..... they thought she was weak... until...... until a robot came to destroy her dared to try and stop it... all exept a small hedgehog Aqua!She could control all water and made the robot rust...rust until it was no more...

Quickly she ran home... where was it?? Gone. Her twin baby brothers, gone. Her mother and father, gone. Her little un-born sister... all gone! Only 5 years old, no where to go... no one to talk to... no one to comfort her. She was on her own...