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What inazuma eleven character are you? (with picture)



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Upashna said:
Team: Diamond Dust (captain) , The Chaos and Fire Dragon
Position: Forward (Striker)
Number: 10 (Diamond Dust) 9 (The Chaos)
Element: Ice
Personality: Suzuno is a calm and arrogant player in Aliea Academy. He is the team captain and ace striker of Diamond Dust one of the top 3 teams going under the name of Gazel. He seems to be intrigued by Endo's play. This is why he challenged them to a soccer match. After the match, Fuusuke was really shocked, because the match ended up as a tie.
Story: Raimon Team first met Fuusuke after the match with Epsilon. Because Epsilon had lost the match, they were now useless and Fuusuke "eleminated" them. After this like Hiroto, Fuusuke became intrigued by Endo's play, and eventually challenged them to a match. After the tied match with Raimon Team, Fuusuke and Haruya, the captain of Prominence, heard about Hiroto's team promotion to be team Genesis the two joined teams forming team Chaos hoping to show their leader who's stronger. Later in the FFI arc he and Suzuno were scouted by Aphrodi (real name: Terumi Afuro) and the three joined the South Korea team Fire Dragon. Fuusuke was the last Aliea Gakuen Captain Raimon Team met, but the third one they had a match with.

I'm so happy that I'm my fav character
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Team: Hakuren (Captain) , Raimon and Inazuma Japan
Position: Defender Forward
Number: 9 as in Raimon and Inazuma Japan
Element: Wind (Ice)
Personality: At first Fubuki was calm and really shy. But laiter on he got braver and he was willing to speak for himself. Fubuki's calm personality was when he was a defender. Initially he has a split personality and he switches it to his brother's when ever he is on the offensive on the soccer field. As Atsuya he is a little sadistic and menacing, but a wery powerful striker. Laiter on he owerpowered Atsuya's personality and combined with him and became stronger.
Story: When the Raimon Eleven team first meets Fubuki, he is the captain of Hakuren Junior High School's Soccer club in Hokkaido and are both an excellent defender as well as the team's ace striker. He then decides to join the Raimon Eleven in order to defeat Aliea Academy.Fubuki is afraid of loud noises resembling avalanches, due to his family being killed in an avalanche. He wanted to be perfect and believed that he could only do so if you continued to be one with his brother. With Gouenji's and the others' help, he realized that what his father meant was that he could be perfect if he played with others in a team, and his brother's personality fades away. After Raimon defeated Ailea Academy he returned to Hakuren Academy. Later became member of Inazuma Japan.
OH!!! how I love Fubuki!!!
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