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 Sawsbuck the deer
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It is not made द्वारा ME
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Entei , Raikou and suncie were sent to find out what happend to sasori and palkia, On getting there the 10, 9 and 8 atespada were on petrol and they found entei, raikou and suncie.Suncie was fougth द्वारा the 10 the 10 atespada was poison type figther orochimaru , he stated the fight द्वारा poisoning her due to the posion she was weak to fight the 10 कहा so आप are going to die after being revived what a pity,she replayed it die before yes but it fond my mother in heaven and she trianed he, suncie कहा shouted dragon form activate!, suncie had the hand , feet and sword of a dragon(made of ice) the 10 siad no problem and he swalloed her, but as he turned around he suncie he asked how is this possibe? All of a sudden the 10 was frosen and evaporaped suncie कहा आप tougth आप swallowed me but that was a clone, an ice clone.
Till अगला episode
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Dialga and Garentina finaly beat sasori's 100 puppets sasori कहा am impressed that आप are alive Dialga कहा its over sasori कहा I have one और puppet he sommoned hiroku (form naruto) and he entered this puppet saying this puppet is way stornger than the rest of my puppet's he fired बंदूकों from this leg and shoot Garentina.
Meanwhile lugia and dendara were figthing palkia, he was skilled in using water and dragon moves so is was a hard battle he beat dendara to k.o, lugia one of the greatest of the good guy's lasted figthing him.
Still Dialga and Garentina were still fighting hiroku but he was to advance Dialga was k.o'ed
Palkia was about to kill lugia and sasori was also about kill Garentina when dendara cut off palkia and Dialga cut off sasori head
(Plot): In the distant future, Martial Arts has slowly became one of the most लोकप्रिय sports across the entire globe. From young children practicing in Dojos to adults practicing at home, it hs spread across the world and taken it द्वारा storm. Due to it's popularity, a massive World Martial Arts Tournament(WMA Tournament) will be held.

Kenji Daiyoji, a middle school student who trains hard every day, wants to enter the tournament and be recognized as the world's strongest fighter, but in order to enter, आप must collect a symbol from each of the six Masters recognized द्वारा the WMA tournament Supervisors....
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Dialga and Garntina looked for sasori, it was not long till they found him Garntina traped him in his mist they tried to kill him when at ऐरो stabed them, they looked back and saw a puppet and sasori broke out of the mist and कहा let me introduce my self I am sasori the 6 atespada it control puppets like the one that shoot आप (they already knew who he is but sasori was brain washed and no one knew) Dialga shoot the puppet with a dragon आग ball and कहा आप think that will kill us? Sasori sommoned a 100 puppets and कहा this is your death.
Meanwhile lugia and dendara were figthing palkia now the 5 atespada dendara asked lugia why can't I fight sasori lugia repleyed आप are this best friend and आप can't kill him but he can kill आप so आप have to fight some आप like less, brase your self
Welp, time for chapter two. Please tell me what आप think!


At a Airport in Boston:

Demon sat on the ground waiting to board his plane. His फ्रेंड्स Tire, Smash and Trigger were all sprawled out on the floor अगला to him. "UGH!!" Tire groaned loudly. "What?" Demon asked looking at his friend. Tire's choppy blue-black hair fell across his face and his long bangs covered up both of his golden eyes that seemed to stand out from his paler than pale complexion and three large scars going side-to-side on his left cheek.. "BOARDING SCHOOL!!!!" He groaned. "Shut up Tire! आप are too loooouuuud."...
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