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 So f***ing sexy
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So f***ing sexy
प्रशंसक कला
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This ऐनीमे प्रशंसक कला might contain नंगे पैर, pantyhose, चिपटनेवाला पैंट, चिपटनेवाला, पेंटीहॉस, स्किन्टाइट पैंट, स्किन्टाइट, skintight पैंट, and skintight.

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So! I finished the ऐनीमे a couple of days ago.
My expectations for this ऐनीमे were huge! Mainly cuz the मांगा is one of the best मांगा series I have ever read, and cuz everyone all over the internet and conventions प्यार it!

And btw, I have only watched season 1 since कुरोशितसूजी II just seams to stray way too far from the मांगा to me.

So what did I think?
It was such an insult to the characters and the brilliant mangaka that I wanted to throw up!

Ciel is even और कड़वा in the ऐनीमे than in the manga. The thing I really like about him...
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posted by tigerwolf
 this is the cover of the book
this is the cover of the book
this is from my प्रिय MONSTER. it's a story about a monster with out a name the story name is the nameless monster.Franz Bonaparta is a characters from monster he wrote the story.that ends up affect Johan and Anna's Liebert life and others. this story is suppose to hypnotize kids and turn them into perfect killers. i hope आप enjoy it!

A long, long time पूर्व in a land far away, There was a monster without a name. The monster wanted a name so badly. So the monster left to go on a journey to find a name. But the world was so large that he विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें into two to make his journey. One went to the west...
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आप are my friend
aah, आप still remeber the dream we had that दिन don't you
आप are my dream
aah, we'd just gotten started आप are my long लॉस्ट friend
whoa, it's time to get moving!

Everyday lit up द्वारा moving the shine ahead,
i wanna see you, it lights my soul on fire
but now, we've bid farewell to those fun days
to be the furture, i'll try to take over, and that's why i will dream on!

I'll go the distance!
gazing at the sky so full
i'm just starting
i'll use my greatest power, full tilt!

आप are my friend
aah, आप still remeber the dream we had that दिन don't you
आप are my dream
aah, we'd just gotten started आप are my long लॉस्ट friend
whoa, it's time to get moving!

Thank आप my friend
aah, i haven't forgotten what happened on that day
आप are my dream
aah, i'll procect आप my way!
whoa, the distance!
Just in case आप want to know who आप share a birthday with..:D(Might miss some,please inform me if I do.o3o)

January 1, 1560 (lunar calendar December 12, 1559?) Kayura (Yoroiden Samurai Troopers / Ronin Warriors)
January 1, 1952 Reiko Asagiri (Gatekeepers)
January 1, 196X Belldandy (Oh! My Goddess) (according to her student ID)
January 1, 1976 Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters, Fatal Fury)
January 1, 1984 Maki Tanabe (Gun Parade March)
January 1, 1986 Ren Tao (Shaman King)
January 1, 1997 Johji Ohtomo (Future GPX Cyber Formula)
January 1, 2231 Kei (Dirty Pair Flash)
January 1, 4982 Kris...
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Ok im back agian YAY!!!!!.Well let me say something i didnt plan on लेखन this but something happend a few days पूर्व that made me want to write this soo here i go....

Some people ask this सवाल alot "why is ऐनीमे soo perverted?" या "why is there so much porn?" well no one realy know for sure why.But there are many जवाब people have come up with.Such as japanese people just प्यार porn या its just to get और people to watch(and द्वारा that i mean old nasty perverts). And who knows that may be true may be not.Still i bet some of आप never thought of this before.Now i truly do not have a reason...
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*The Character I Want to Be My Bride:

1 Mio Akiyama
-Not ranked last year
2 Hinagiku Katsura
Hayate the Combat Butler
-Rank last year: 1
3 Taiga Aisaka
-Not ranked last year
4 Rukia Kuchiki
-Not ranked last year
5 Yuki Nagato
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
-Not ranked last year
6 Azusa Nakano
-Not ranked last year
7 Chrome Dokuro
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
-Rank last year: 10
8 Sheryl Nome
Macross F
-Not ranked last year
9 Yui Hirasawa
-Not ranked last year
10 Asuka Langley
Sohryu Neon Genesis Evangelion
-Not ranked last साल

*The Character I Want to Be My Groom:

1 Kyouya...
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posted by Sasunaru120

1.Naruto by:markzer

The wind of youth blows,
Helping the will of आग grow,
Cause if it ever leaves the Leaf,
We'd have no place to go,

The way that we unite,
The war not passing by,
We take part in the fight,
And take down sword and eye,

To fight for what we love,
To defend what we hold dear,
This aint about our pride,
Or about gods from above,
Our own desires pushed aside,
We're fighting out of fear,

Fear for our friendships,
Fear for all that's good,
To defend those things so pure,
We all do what we should,
We stand up against evil,
We can be the...
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posted by dragonzord1993
I'm going to say this, right here, right now: When it comes to TV shows (that includes anime), I always make sure to watch at least 5 to 6 episodes of a दिखाना before judging it (though I kinda made an exception with Power Rangers Turbo, which I watched 10 episodes of).

Anyways, what ऐनीमे do I hate with a bloody passion? One word: Hetalia. I gave it a try, and the results were... less than desirable.

I'm going to be brutally honest here. I had और fun watching Princess Tutu.
I had और fun watching ट्रांसफॉर्मर्स Energon.
I had और fun watching the 4Kids dub of One Piece.
I had और fun watching...
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