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1# Scream, "Sebastian is just too sexy, Sebastian is just too sexy!"
2# Every time he serves खाना say, "There's a spot right there."
3# Whenever आप see a spider, kill it in front of Claude.
4# Invite Grell over to crush on Claude (in exchange for one घंटा with Sebastian alone).
5# Ask him if he likes Hannah and wants to adopt the triplets.
6# Run around the mansion nude and yell at Claude, "WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES??"
7# Come घर with a cat and name it Sebastian.
8# Hug Claude and never let him go.
9# Throw a party and have everyone dress up like cats.
10# Tell Claude that his crochet...
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Let us give a shout-out to whoever managed to turn a COMEDY ऐनीमे into something so sad and beautiful. I don't understand how it's possible . . . . . ..
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 Edward,Alphonce and Winry. Best friends.
Edward,Alphonce and Winry. Best friends.
How can I repay you, brother of mine?
How can I expect आप to forgive?
Clinging to the past, I shed our blood
And shattered your chance to live. Though I knew the laws, I paid no heed
How can I return your wasted breath?
What I did not know has cost आप dear,
For there is no cure for death. Beautiful Mother, soft and sweet
Once आप were gone we were not complete
Back through the years we reached for आप
Alas twas not meant to be And how can I make amends
For all that I took from you?
I led आप with hopeless dreams
My brother, I was a fool... (Alphonse)
Don't cry for the...
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ऐनीमे - Pet Girl Of Sakurasou
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:T So, I hear Your An Otaku? :T

Well Im an Anime/Manga enthusiast never considered myself an otaku and never will I प्यार Anime/Manga As much as the अगला person या maybe even और but because of that I'm Going to Give आप a Guide To what the word REALLY means.

In Japan, the word can be most closely equated to the English word “geek,” but the meaning is not as simple as that. Otaku is also defined in जापान as a word that defines a person who has obsessive interests, and can apply to a wide variety of topics, including anime, manga, cosplay, collectibles and more.

Why Do They Take it The Wrong...
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I made this :3
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