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प्रशंसक कला
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Source: Ana (Author: Hirotaka Akagi)
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kusen madoushi kouhosei no kyoukan
the instructor of aerial combat wizard candidates
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Shiwasena: Kanashi! Kanashi, can आप hear me?
Kanashi: Yes, sister.
Shiwasena: I found her.
Kanashi: Her? As in who?
Shiwasena: The one.

Kyuketsuki: Hello. I am Kibachi Kyuketsuki. I go to school and have a boyfriend like many normal girls do. Oh yeah, tomorrow is Halloween! I'm really excited. Nokiba-san is having a party. His फ्रेंड्स are coming over.

Tsugi no hi...
The अगला day...

I had trouble sleeping. I think I was thinking too much of Nokiba-san. He's sooooo cute! I wish I could be with him forever...
Okami: Eh? Kyuketsuki, what are आप talking about?
Kyuketsuki: *snores* Eh?...
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1# Scream, "Sebastian is just too sexy, Sebastian is just too sexy!"
2# Every time he serves खाना say, "There's a spot right there."
3# Whenever आप see a spider, kill it in front of Claude.
4# Invite Grell over to crush on Claude (in exchange for one घंटा with Sebastian alone).
5# Ask him if he likes Hannah and wants to adopt the triplets.
6# Run around the mansion nude and yell at Claude, "WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES??"
7# Come घर with a cat and name it Sebastian.
8# Hug Claude and never let him go.
9# Throw a party and have everyone dress up like cats.
10# Tell Claude that his crochet...
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Let us give a shout-out to whoever managed to turn a COMEDY ऐनीमे into something so sad and beautiful. I don't understand how it's possible . . . . . ..
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