Welcome to my सूची of the 10 ऐनीमे guys that I like the most. I hope आप like the list. There are various high quality ऐनीमे characters of both genders. This सूची is about the dudes.

10. Honjo (The Wind Rises)

Honjo is Jiro Horikoshi's best friend. He is a grumpy airplane designer. He and Jiro are a amusing duo, because of their opposite personalities. Despite not always agreeing with Jiro, Honjo is a good friend.

9. Giovanni Caproni (The Wind Rises)

Giovanni Caproni is Jiro's mentor. He's a very cool gentleman who helps Jiro द्वारा giving him inspring advice. He has lively energy to him that makes his scenes fun.

8. Takumu (Accel World)

Takumu is 1 of the हीरोस of Accel World. He is a gentleman who managed to be both very likeable and very cool.

7. Dr. Eggman (Sonic X)

My प्रिय version of Dr. Eggman is the Sonic Boom version, but the Sonic X version of him is good. He's a scene stealing and fun character.

6. Colonel Muska (Castle in the Sky)

Mr. Muska is the main villain of the Studio Ghibli film गढ़, महल in the Sky. He's a well developed character. He's a cool and entertaining villain. He's my प्रिय गढ़, महल in the Sky character and my प्रिय Studio Ghibli villain.

5. Kagami (Ayashi no Ceres)

Kagami is 1 of the villains of Ayashi no Ceres. He's my प्रिय Ayahi no Ceres character, because he had the best storyline. Despite being a villain he seemed to have somewhat noble intentions which made me admire him.

4. Jiro Horikoshi (The Wind Rises)

Jiro is the protagonist in The Wind Rises. He is a really likeable and interesting character. However his best quality is his romance storyline with Naoko Satomi.

3. Lloyd (Code Geass)

Lloyd is a supporting character in Code Geass. He's my प्रिय Code Geass character, because he's such a fun and amusing character. I dislike several comedy reliefs, but Code Geass is so serious that it needed Lloyd to keep the दिखाना fun. His eccentric personality, his visual design, and his voice are all very good.

2. Mr. Kimura (Azumanga Daioh)

Mr. Kimura is anime's funniest character! He's a teacher that is attracted to high school girls. He is very creepy, but he's 1 of the most entertaining characters in all of animation. Every scene of him could be summarized as LOL.

1. Giovanni (Pokémon)

Giovanni is the main villain in Pokémon. He's a awesome villain that is threatening and entertaining. I have so much fun every time he's around. He's 1 of my प्रिय villains. His storylines and all of his scenes are the best parts of Pokémon.