This लेख is about my ideal ऐनीमे guy...*sighs*, if only guys in the real world are like guys in ऐनीमे world, my life would be perfect, desu! Well, forget about my fantasy-dreaming, here is the characteristics of an ideal ऐनीमे guy that would pass my standards:

*funny- 'cause i like everything that's funny, and i'm funny too... =)

*Smart- I like smart ऐनीमे guys, especially the one with glasses!!! *hot* (sizzle)...

*caring-I also like guys who are caring...They'll always be on your side whenever you're in need...( ain't that sweet?,desu!~~)

*handsome-this is my 2nd characteristic i like with an ऐनीमे guy....they do pass my standards..!!

The most important of all:
*Protective-i like guys who are over protective, especially watching an ऐनीमे series where the girl was hurt and the guy was really worried and Kyaaaa!!!! *exploded* Kawa-ii!!! iv'e seen many of theses in animes And i want to have ont, too.. ahahhahaha....!!

Anyways, i can't choose between hundreds of ऐनीमे guys,but i wanna ask आप what's your ideal ऐनीमे guy??!!

thanks....your'e free to express your opinions!=)