shigi Boshi No Futago Hime. The first season.
Well, many were asking why the FBNFH were different from their मांगा and why are there some new character. Here आप go.

ऐनीमे character:
-Shade/ Eclipse
-And blablablabla

Well, for the FBNFH मांगा reader, आप might see a few names which is unfamiliar for you. And who is Shade? Is he Eclipse? The answer:

In the manga, eclipse is a mysterious prince while in the anime, eclipse is the disguise for prince Shade when he is doing mission. Altezza is Bright's little sister. She did appear in the मांगा but only a few times. Bibin, Elizabeth, Chiffon, Shasha and Carla only make appearance in FBNFH season 2 * FBNFH Gyu. The real body for Fine and Rein is in the anime. Not the मांगा because their age is 8-11 * Counts season 2 * so their looks in the मांगा is well, a little bit mature. Watch it and you'll know it. If आप want और information, open link .

The cast for FBNFH first season.
The cast for Gyu.
Prince Shade A.K.A Eclipse
Sophie brother. They have the same age. Are they twins?
Truth and Elza. Fine and Rein's parents.