Fman122 smiles and goes to his den. His inventory was full of black spike collars. He was proud.

He went to Jamaa Township to shout, "Spike giveaway my den!" but something caught his eye. It was a dark black भेड़िया with no eyes, shouting TRUST MY DEN! The भेड़िया looked kinda odd but he didn't mind. He was scared of getting scammed because he was very kind to jammers and EVERY jammer was his friend.

He went to his den, his मांद, डेन was empty. The eyeless भेड़िया shook his paw and a few other jammers paws. The eyeless भेड़िया put a हार on trade and shouted... TRADE ME!!

Fman122 put all of his spikes on trade. Then to his shock... The eyeless भेड़िया accepted and laughed while unlocking the jammers out of his den. The jammers were sad but Fman122 was और sad.. he लॉस्ट his spike collars? "These were the only things that makes ME... me!" Fman122 growls. He growls. He turns black with red flames. He was now known as a famous hacker.. Fman122.