Snowball got dressed in her winter gear and packed her stuff because today was a big day! It was her birthday and she couldn't wait to go to the big trip to Mt.Shiveer.

She walked to Mt.Shiveer. When she got there it was cold and she spotted a place to stay. She went inside. It was warm and cosy. She drank some hot कोको and rested. "Today was a big day, she said. "I wonder what fun we'll do tomorrow," she added.

She woke up and looked through the window. Snow was falling down. She put on her scarf and went outside. She saw lots of jammers jumping on the ice. "Arctic foxes only!" They shouted. It almosted was cracked. They were so excited!!

Snowball thought to herself. well they are pretty close to breaking the ice and she really wanted to see if the myth was true. So she joined them. The ice broke and all of the jammers fell into the deep snow. The ice replaced in front of our eyes